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10 Super Cool Gender Neutral Toddler Birthday Themes for Any Kid!


These themes certainly get a gold star! Many parents opt for gender neutral themes that appeal to the birthday boy/girl and the party guests. Celebrating your toddler’s birthday doesn’t have to be bland just because you’re not hosting a Barbie or Construction party. Get creative with these super cool themes that will keep the kiddos engaged and excited!

Flutter FETTI knows how to party and birthday parties just happen to be their specialty. Read on for Flutter FETTI’s Top 10 Gender Neutral Toddler Birthday Party Themes and check out our inspiration photo gallery!

  1. Bowling – Let the good times roll by hosting a Bowling Party! It’s a fun and interactive theme that gets guests up off their feet. Have your local bowling alley put the bumpers up before the fun begins and be sure to stock the lanes with lightweight balls.
  2. Sesame Street - Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Flutter FETTI knows the way, so follow us! Decorate with bright colors (tissue pom poms and rainbow crepe paper are great) and wooden or magnet alphabet letters/numbers on the tables.
  3. Lego – Who doesn’t love Legos (unless you step on a stray brick…)? Lego parties spark imagination! Create a mini-figure decorating station with pre-cut out construction people and shirts/pants. Have googly eyes, washable markers, foam stickers, and glue sticks on hand.
  4. Seuss – One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish… Easily create a tasty treat with a Dr. Seuss twist by making red and blue Jello jigglers using a fish cookie cutter. Little ones will delight in a game of Find the Cat. Print out 10 Cat in the Hat pictures and hang them around your party area before guests arrive. See how many cats they can find!
  5. Little Chef – Let the kids take over the kitchen with this theme! Give out chef hats and pint-sized aprons to make the party scrumptious. DIY ideas include make your own pizza, cookie, or cupcake. Be sure to have enough adults to supervise and use the oven.
  6. Very Hungry Caterpillar – A ravenous little caterpillar eats his way through this adorable children’s book. Caterpillar Bingo (use items from the book such as apples, strawberries, and pears for the bingo pictures) is always a huge hit along with Pin the Caterpillar on the Tree. Use pretend play fruits and veggies to decorate party tables!
  7. Candyland – As the grand finale, guests can visit the Candy Bar to fill their favor bags with assorted treats. Create a sign “Having you here was such a treat; please don’t leave without some sweets!”
  8. On the Farm – Straw hats, bandanas, hay bales, and cow print table cloths and balloons are a must for this barnyard bash. Whether you host this at your own “farm” or at a local petting zoo, little ones will delight to celebrate!
  9. Crayon – The main theme is color and lots of it! Primary colors work best with this theme. Create a coloring station with lots of crayons and paper for the guests. Keep with the colorful theme by giving out a box of crayons and coloring book as favors.
  10. Circus – Game booths, snack stands (don’t forget the popcorn and cotton candy!), and ticket booths will be a huge hit under the big top! A jar of clown noses for little ones to wear will be fun and a fantastic photo op!

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