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16 Big Ideas For That Sweet 16 Party


Goodbye little princess costume, hello big pink Corvette.  Your daughter is turning 16 and the days of small, easy birthday parties are over.  Now she’s become selective about what she wants to get, how she wants it done, and whom she wants to invite.  So if you’re going to throw a Sweet 16 party, it’s go big or go home.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you do have to impress your guests and especially your daughter.  Having a dance floor, music, cake, and gifts are a given. Here are 16 bright ideas to make your Sweet 16 party a huge success:

1. Video Save-The-Date – Homemade invitations are nice, but a viral video is way cooler.  Get a friend or a local expert to splice together a video save-the-date with a hint of what’s to come and excite all the birthday girls’ friends and family.  Use 6” Flutter Flickers at the end of the video for special effect and an extra dose of fun!

2. Limo Rental – Even if she can drive, she probably doesn’t want to do it in her big dress and heels.  Rent a limo for her and her friends to escort them to the party.  Kick it up a notch with a convertible or stretch limo – they’ll absolutely love it!

3. Red Carpet – Roll out the red carpet and take photos to welcome your daughter and her friends, all of whom are “glam” for the night.  Shower them with our 18" Airless Launchers filled with tissue Flutter FETTI as they walk into the entrance of the venue.  For a special surprise, create a cardboard cutout of the cute actor with whom everyone wants to take pictures.

4. Grand Entrance – Line up all the friends and family on the dance floor.  As the DJ or MC announces the Sweet 16 girl’s name and she comes out, shower her with 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks customized in her favorite color!

5. Local Band – DJs are cool, but local bands are often way more interactive and fun.  Just make sure they know the latest hot songs, particularly those in the ‘Top 40”.

6. Mocktail Bar – They’re still 5 years away from drinking legally, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pretend to be mature adults (they think they are anyway).  A mocktail bar complete with bartender and drink selection, like virgin Cosmopolitans and virgin Bloody Marys, will provide a real party atmosphere.

7. Ice Cream Buffet – It’s no secret girls love desserts.  An ice cream bar with a huge variety of flavors and toppings will melt away every 16-year-old girl in the place.

8. Sizzling S’mores – If it’s an outdoor Sweet 16 party or if there’s an outdoor space with a fire pit, then supply everyone with graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.  Who doesn’t love making s’mores by the fire?

9. Father-Daughter Dance – Even if dad is a bit embarrassing and old-fashioned, all girls crave the emotional element of the Sweet 16 party.  Ask the DJ or band to play a slow song for dad and daughter to enjoy.  During dance, shoot off Mega Blasters filled with die-cut stars because every daughter is a star in her dad’s eyes.

10. Karaoke – Everyone thinks they can sing, even if they can’t.  Singing karaoke is an exciting and hysterical way of getting the entire Sweet 16 crowd involved in the party.

11. Photo Slideshow – High school girls are known to take a lot of photos and this party is the perfect excuse to show them off.  Rent a projector, use a screen or white wall, and have a slideshow playing in the background at all times.  You can even throw up those recent red carpet photos too!

12. Dance Games – Do a dance off, limbo, or musical chairs.  They may sound cheesy at first but they are great entertainment and everyone will be laughing before you know it.  Games also break up the musical monotony of the night.  Shower the winner of the dance game with our 18" Airless Launcher filled with Metallic FETTI Strips.

13. Photo Booth – This old-school machine is still a hugely popular guest at today’s parties.  Watch your daughter’s friends pile in, snap funny photos, and print them out for all to see.

14. Confetti Grand Finale– Are you or your daughter craving a spectacular grand finale?  During the Sweet 16 girl’s favorite song or last dance, blast off tons of confetti using our Surprise Box Confetti Launcher or 3” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher.

15. Enchanting Exit – As your proud Sweet 16 daughter exits the party, cover her in a cloud of confetti!  Give every guest 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks and wish her happy birthday as she heads off into the night.

16. Grown-Up Gift Bags – To thank your guests, particularly the teenage ones, hand out grown-up gift bags full of make-up, jewelry, bath oils, nail polish, and other things that teenage girls love.  Candy, chocolate, and popcorn work too!  Consult your daughter for ideas – it is her Sweet 16 party after all!

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