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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

3 New Nightclub Ideas Using Confetti


It’s tough to impress a crowd of clubbers these days.  They’ve seen lasers and lightshows, bubbles and balloons, and plenty of on-stage theatrics.  That’s why Flutter FETTI is always coming up with new ways to stun your guests with confetti and streamers.  We’ve got 3 brilliant ideas that are certain to bolster your nightclub’s reputation and the perfect theme night idea to accompany each.

Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Confetti

Most likely everyone in your nightclub has seen confetti falling from the sky, but have they seen it glowing in the dark?  As long as you have black lights setup throughout the venue space, you can WOW all your dancing divas with swirling clouds of neon confetti.   Turn the fluorescent lights down, amp the music up, and unleash glow-in-the-dark confetti using Continuous Flow Confetti Blowers.

Theme party idea:  Combine a glow-in-the-dark confetti celebration with a “Neon Night” theme in which all your guests wear white or neon-colored clothing under the glimmer of black lights.

Shiny Metallic Streamers

Ladies love things that sparkle – rings, shoes, dresses – so why not give all your wonderful female guests something special to gawk over?  With multi-colored metallic FETTI soaring through your nightclub, you can dazzle the entire crowd, especially those who love a little bling!  Use the Continuous Flow Baby Gerb Launcher to send sparkling FETTI up to 50’ feet (or less) in the air or across your venue.

Theme party idea:  Launch metallic FETTI or streamers during a “Retro Night” or “Disco Night” theme party.  Vintage metal furniture and shiny clothes were all the rage in the ‘70s and ‘80s, so the sparkly confetti and streamers would definitely help bring the concept to life.

Die-Cut Confetti – Hearts & Stars

Think confetti only comes in circles, squares, rectangles?  Then you’re missing out on an entire range of cool die-cut confetti, from hearts and butterflies to rose petals and stars.  What makes die-cut confetti so great for nightclubs is that it’s least expected – just wait until you see the people dancing when they’re surrounded by a sea of bright colors, surprise shapes, and endless energy!

Theme party idea:  Die-cut confetti is perfect for seasonal parties.  During Valentine’s Day, drop die-cut confetti hearts from the ceiling to get sparks flying throughout the mingling crowd.  During the Fourth of July, fire off red, white and blue die-cut star confetti to merge patriotism with a party atmosphere.

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we'll make the right product recommendation to add the "WOW!" effect to your nightclub event.

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.