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4 Fun Ways To Celebrate A High School Graduation Party


Parents, faculty, and fellow students should be so proud.  Twelve years of studying and hard work has finally paid off and the high school seniors have graduated! With diploma in hand, it’s time to toss up the caps and celebrate the big occasion with these high school graduation celebration ideas.

A high school graduation party begins with the usual party ingredients – a local venue, a buffet table full of food, and a few delicious (non-alcoholic) drinks.  Then comes the hard part, the entertainment.  Do you want to take it to the next level of excitement?  Here are 4 fun ideas to make that high school graduation party extra special:

Hand Out Humorous Diplomas

With everyone dressed in their cap and gowns, it’s time to host another graduation ceremony.  However, this ceremony is less about academics and more about amusement.  Have a faux principal make short speeches for each student and hand out humorous diplomas with sayings like “Biggest Class Clown” or “Most Embarassing Moment In Gym Class” or “Teacher’s Pet”.  There are so many ideas and the point is to make it light and fun.  Once all the humorous diplomas have been delivered, yell “Congratulations Class” and revisit the ceremony celebration with caps tossed in the air and shots of confetti from a few 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks filled with tissue confetti in their school colors.  It’s an intimate and hysterical graduation celebration just the way teenagers would want it to be!

Capture Crazy Photo Memories

After many great years together, groups of close friends are finally splitting up to attend separate colleges, start new jobs, or explore the world.  That’s why a high school graduation party is the ideal place to capture pictures with friends.  Sure, you’re bound to take the standard posed and group shots, but not all of them have to be so humdrum.  Take a few photos in wacky poses, break out that ridiculous hat your friend used to wear, or build a human pyramid.  Atmosphere is just as important.  To capture the celebratory mood, shoot off 18” Airless launchers with Metallic Streamers in the background before snapping those crazy photos.  You can have the parents join in too, as long as they promise not to ruin the fun.  You’ll look back at these shots ten years from now and all those incredible memories will come rushing back!

Raffle Away College Gift Baskets

Are most of your friends headed off to college?  A great idea for your high school graduation party is to create gift baskets full of college supplies and then raffle them off to all the future freshmen in attendance.  Fill the baskets with everything from school supplies, delicious snacks (those ramen noodles are a lifeline!), stress balls, magazines, and DVDs.  Of course, don’t forget the 6” Flutter Flickers with tissue confetti, beauty supplies, and funny books on the best pick-up lines.  We all know that there’s a lot more to college than studying!

Show Off A Slideshow

Not only will you be taking photos that day, you’ll be adding those photos to a huge collection of other photos gathered over the years.  Instead of keeping them all locked in a box or stuck in cyberspace, a high school graduation party is the perfect place to gather them up and put together an incredible slideshow for all your guests.  Everyone will love reminiscing on all the great times from high school!   And now you’ll have Flutter FETTI in hand to make it even greater!

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