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5 Adorable Toddler Girls Birthday Party Ideas


Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of!

The Team at Flutter FETTI has the inside scoop on how to plan your little girl’s birthday party with ease. We’ve compiled our Top 5 Toddler Girl Birthday Party Themes to bring out your creativity! Insider Tip: limit your little one’s party to two hours and be sure to plan around nap times.

Princess Party – Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away lived a princess in need of a royal party… Your little girl will adore her very own Princess Party! Pass out tiaras, star wands, and tulle skirts as the princesses arrive. Noble guests will delight in playing Pin the Tiara on the Princess, Pass the Glass Slipper (just like Hot Potato), and Musical Thrones. Of course, no party is complete without a story time fairy tale for the birthday girl and guests. And they all lived happily ever after!

Tea Party – Afternoon tea is a deliciously fun theme! On the menu: bite sized sandwiches (don’t forget to cut the crusts off!), mini macarons and cupcakes, fruit kabobs, and tea cups filled with yummy strawberry milk. Pint sized guests can play the Sugar Cube Race. Before the party, create start and finish lines for this game. When it’s game time, provide each girl with a sugar cube and plastic spoon. Have them line up at the starting line and place the sugar cube in the spoon. Then it’s off to the races with spoon in hand. Whoever reaches the finish line first (without dropping her sugar cube) wins!

Mermaid / Under the Sea – Serve up sea food little mermaids love like peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches (use a sea horse cookie cutter), shark teeth (cheese triangles), catch of the day (goldfish crackers), and life preservers (jelly rings). Thirsty?       Ocean potion (blue raspberryade) will do the trick! Fashion a magical underwater space with accent colors of seafoam, teal, and purple. Complete the look with a seashell and starfish filled tablescape.

Supergirl / Superhero –It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Supergirl! If your toddler girl dreams of being a caped crusader, this superhero theme is just for her. Get all of the guests ready to save the world with a Mask Making station. Pick up some superhero foam disguise masks at your local craft store, supply (washable) markers and foam stickers. Once the masks are complete, have the kids put them on along with a cape (this can be their party favor to take home). Watch your daughter and her friends zip around the party in delight!

Barbie – Launched in 1959 and still going strong, Barbie is here to stay!       Barbie parties continue to be super popular with little girls and your birthday girl will love this celebration! It’s all about PINK, white & black for the Barbie color scheme. Keep the girls busy with a makeup table – have a helper put a little bit of makeup on the girls’ faces. Then off to a whirlwind photo shoot for pictures. A fun option is to use an instant camera and film so guests can take home a fashion pic. Finish the day off with stylish favor bags filled with bubblegum pink nail polish, Barbie stickers, and flavored lip balm.

Your birthday girl will feel like a party princess as she’s showered with a colorful burst of birthday confetti! The party will be a smashing success and guests will tell the story of “Once upon a time there was a fabulous FETTI-filled party ” for years to come!

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