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5 Awesome Boys Toddler Birthday Party Ideas


Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of!   

Planning your toddler’s birthday party doesn’t need to send you into tears or a tantrum! The Flutter FETTI Team has rounded up five their favorite birthday party themes. We have kid tested, mom approved ideas that are easy to create and totally FUN for your little guest of honor. Insider Tip: Take a cue from what your toddler is smitten with such as a favorite toy, game, book, or movie.


Jungle Safari – Invite guests to swing on over to have some fun with a jungle safari themed party. Little ones will roar in delight when playing “Lion, Lion, Zebra” (played just like Duck, Duck, Goose). Hungry explorers can munch on carrots and celery sticks with Hungry Hippo dip, Tiger Tails (cheese curls), and stop by the Watering Hole for a cup of Jungle Juice. Finish up with bagged animal crackers and a note saying, “Thanks for making my Safari Party a wild time!”


Camping – Does your kiddo love the outdoors and nature? Create a camping theme in no time! Include tasty treats like pretzel sticks as firewood, gummi worms for bait, goldfish crackers as the catch of the day, and bug juice to drink. Have the happy campers report in to the Swimming Hole for a game of Gone Fishin’ (no worries – it’s a kiddie pool or bucket and a magnetic fishing rod and fish). Create an Adopt a Bear station filled with small bear toy plushies. Kids will love taking something from their camping experience home with them!


Construction – Caution, party zone ahead! Pick up pint sized hard hats, orange construction vests, caution tape, and orange cones for this hard working theme. On menu: wrecking balls (cheese balls), spare tires (mini chocolate donuts), nuts & bolts (snack mix) and their day’s wages (chocolate gold coins). Then create a Fuel Station for thirsty workers to stop for a sip of water. Last but not least, put small sand box shovels and candy blocks in bags with an “I Dig You” tag.


Rocket Ships – What a blast! This theme is definitely out of this world. Keep your astronauts-in-training busy with outdoor activities such as Find the Moon Rocks (cover plastic Easter eggs in tin foil and hide in the yard), Rings of Saturn (a ring toss game), and the Launch Pad where party guests can make paper shuttles and send them to a galaxy far, far away! Pin the Tail on the Comet is another guest favorite.


Dinosaur – This party will be dyno-mite when you host a dinosaur excavation! Must haves: mini-flashlights, plastic dinosaurs, tape measures, magnifying glasses, and paint brushes (all can be found at your local dollar store). Prep for the party by creating the excavation site using a large plastic bin. Fill the bottom of the bin with plaster of paris and scatter the plastic dinosaurs throughout. Make sure the dinosaurs are completely covered by the plaster of paris. Once dry, add a thin layer of sand on top. On the day of the party, as your little paleontologists arrive, hand over their dig site tools (flash light, paint brush, etc.) and show them their assignment. What an awesome and interactive party to host!

Nothing makes the birthday boy feel as special as being showered with a colorful burst of birthday confetti! It's like having a parade thrown in their honor!


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