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5 Epic New Years Eve Party Themes and Ideas


What?  The year is almost over?  That’s okay, because a new one is about to begin and in between the old and the new you squeeze in the most epic annual party:  New Years Eve!  Rather than do something ‘routine’ this year, mix it up with a creative theme party and give your nightclub, bar or home something to look forward to.  Here are 5 epic New Year's party themes and ideas you should consider:

1.  All White Party Theme

It’s a really simple theme: partygoers dress in fashionable all white attire.  Despite its simplicity, the end result is a party that displays elegance, sophistication and class.  The all white party theme is great for wintery weather when snow is in the air and eggnog cocktails are in style.  You can decorate tables with white cloths and flickering white candles and do a New Years Eve ball drop as white bulk confetti falls.  The best part of all is that you won’t find too many people getting sloppy or spilling drinks because there’s no way to hide it!

2.  80s Black Light Party Theme

Nothing says, “we’re heading into a new year” like stepping back in time, right? Retro 80s style clothing and endless black light are a fantastic way to make your nighttime party glow in the dark!  Pump fan favorite 80s music to start it off right and serve neutral-tone foods and drinks like Brie cheese, hummus, and martinis to give everything a supernatural glow.  When the clock strikes midnight, shoot off white Corkscrews confetti from a Red Blower and make the scene even eerier (as if that was possible)!

3.  Celebrity Party Theme

Roll out the red carpet for this one, literally.  A celebrity party theme is your moment to pull out all the stops and live like you’re in Hollywood for one night only.  Photographers, red carpets, Champagne glasses, lounge chairs and Top 40 music are just a few of the elements that make up this kind of New Years Eve party.  You can even take it one step further and get guests (or at least some of them) to dress up like famous celebrities.  It’s a unique way to host a classy event and get people a little bit more excited about an already awesome night!

4.  Casino Night Party Theme

Tired of the same old eating, drinking and dancing party?  A casino night theme adds a new layer of entertainment to your New Years Eve party.  It doesn’t take much, besides a few tables, games and dealers, to transform your space into a Monte Carlo-style casino.  And when someone wins the night’s prizes?  Don’t just smile and cheer – hit them with a huge wave of confetti from a handheld MEGA Blaster or a floor-based Surprise Box.  Most importantly, everyone’s a winner when the clock strikes midnight and your party’s rated as a huge success!

5.  Fiesta Party Theme

Everyone could use a little extra spice in life and this fiesta party theme makes it happen.  Forget the standard New Years Eve fare – this party comes with spicy nachos, sweet and salty margaritas, noise-making maracas, and plenty of piñatas filled with anything you’d like!  It’s colorful, loud, funky and proud and the perfect place to hand out multi-colored 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks for the midnight countdown.  This is one New Years Eve party theme that you won’t forget and nor will any of your guests!

New Years Eve will be here before you know it, so this was your fair warning along with some helpful ideas for the big night.  There are a ton of great New Years Eve theme concepts out there and all of them are made better with a flutter of Flutter FETTI confetti!  For assistance on your New Years Eve confetti plans, contact Ronee Holmes, the FETTI Lady.

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