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5 Fun 2016 Oscar Party Ideas


From the star studded red carpet and fashion’s best (and worst) dressed to the unexpected moments and triumphant winners, the 88th Annual Oscar awards ceremony on February 28, 2016 is the show to watch! Planning on hosting an Oscar Party with friends while you view the show? Bring the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to your get together with these fun and easy party ideas. The winner for “Best 2016 Oscar Party” will definitely go to YOU!


Oscar Themed Invites

Kick off your party announcement with Oscar themed invites. Feature pictures of the gold Oscar statuette (did you know the real statue weighs an impressive 8 ½ pounds?), the roped off red carpet, and a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Finish things off with a gold glitter covered envelope.Your guests will be dazzled!


And the Oscar Goes To…

As guests arrive, hand out printed Oscar ballots with all of the categories. Have each person checkoff who they think will win before the show begins. As each category winner is announced, each guest will tally up their correct answers. Whoever predicted the most winning categories gets to make their award speech (and thank the host!).


The Perfect Popcorn Bar

Your viewing party just wouldn’t be complete without popcorn! Amp up traditional popcorn by offering guests a variety of fun and tasty flavors in everything from savory buffalo ranch, cilantro lime, and chipotle to sweet cinnamon & sugar, peanut butter, and s’mores. Decorate your bar in gold and black and top with large containers of flavored popcorn that friends can scoop into their own personal popcorn boxes.


Name that Famous Quote

Who can forget Billy Crystal joking Good news, they found Nemo. The bad news is, they found him in one of Wolfgang Puck's puff pastries.”   Test your party goers Oscar trivia with a “Famous Quotes Match”. On one side of a page, list the actors and on theother side of the page mix up their memorable quotes. See who can correctly match up the most actors to the correct quotes. Award the winner with a mini Oscar statue!

Prizes and Fun Favors

Make your Oscar party memorable with fun party favors like traditional boxes of movie candy like Sno-Caps and Raisinets. Awesome game prizes such as mini Oscar statues, movie gift cards, and Oscar themed will have guests feeling like stars.  Check out Flutter FETTI’s Awards Ceremony and Theater and Film categories to make your event the talk of the town!

How do you add glitz and glamour to your event? Share with the Flutter FETTI Community in the comments below!

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