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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

5 Ways High Schools Can Use Flutter FETTI Confetti and Streamers


High School is not all about homework, studying and tests… It’s a time for making lasting memories and enjoying spirit-filled school events! Want to create an unforgettable school moment? It’s as easy as using Flutter FETTI to add the pizazz and excitement! Our confetti and streamer products will create stunning yearbook photo opportunities. The Flutter FETTI Team has put together the Top 5 ways high schools around the country are partying with FETTI!

Sporting Events

Feel the school spirit soar at your high school’s sports games including football, basketball tournaments, and more! Flutter FETTI certainly puts the fest in festivities. Fans of all ages will love the effect as confetti and streamers float through the air pumping up the crowd. Flutter FETTI is available in a rainbow of shades, so you can custom order your school colors. The game of the year will be talked about for years to come!


This is get together that current and former students alike look forward to every year. Make the crowning of the homecoming king and queen speculator with glittering streamers! There's no need to stop the excitement after the game, you can use a confetti cannon during the homecoming dance as well! As the students are dancing the night away, envelope them in Flutter FETTI for dazzling photo opportunities.


Prom is a magical time for high school students. Many students spend more money on prom than any other high school occasion. Students are definitely invested in having an awesome time and it can be a challenge to make this year’s prom even more memorable than the last. Impress your students and faculty with special effects that will make this night out of this world. Special engineering means that it floats airborne for much longer than ordinary confetti providing extended thrills and prolonged photo opportunities. Flutter FETTI flies like a dream and even once it has landed adds a beautiful atmosphere to the venue.

Winter Dances

How many high schools can "make it snow" at their events? Whether you live in a warm climate or are snowed under all Winter, white Flutter FETTI is the perfect way to bring a winter wonderland to your event. From banquet halls to gymnasiums and cafeterias, the winter white confetti will dazzle! Our Team is here to work with your school budget and we offer both purchase and rental optionsfor confetti cannons and blowers. If you initially rent a confetti cannon and then decide to buy, we’ll apply the rental cost towards your purchase! This is a budget friendly option to keep costs low but the WOW factor high!


The grand finale of senior year is graduation and the ceremony is the ultimate opportunity to WOW your students, their families, and friends.  An event this important means taking the celebration to the next level.  Imagine the exhilaration as graduates are surrounded by swirling confetti and streamers as they toss their caps into the air. What an amazing way to congratulate the class of 2016!

These are our Top 5 events; however, the possibilities are endless with Flutter FETTI!  Bring on excitement at pep rallies, school assemblies, musicals, and talent shows. Still can’t decide what the best options are for your particular high school event or venue? Call our Confettiologists! Flutter FETTI has experts on hand to help you choose the best products for maximum effect. No event is too big or too small.

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18" Airless Confetti Launcher with Metallic FETTI Strips Custom Colors

Easy to use, big visual impact!  I ordered a dozen of these for an event held in an auditorium. We deployed the launchers from the balcony and the stage and I was surprised at how easy they were to use and how far the confetti strips flew through the air. Highly recommend for any event you need to add an extra moment of flair. Confetti doubled as a festive stage decoration for the rest of the evening.

Hannah S.

18" Airless Confetti Launcher with Tissue Flutter FETTI

Worked perfectly   We had a celebration at our College and it worked perfectly. The photos are beautiful!


Tissue Streamers by the Gross

What a way to end a show!  

My customers are always impressed and more than happy when they end their shows with Flutter Fetti streamers. And as a production company owner I am always beyond happy and impressed with the quality of products and the awesome level of customer service from all the people at Flutter Fetti. Thank you!

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.