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6 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding


6 Romantic Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

It’s February 14th, the most romantic day of the year.  It also happens to be your wedding day.  Now you can merge the mushy rituals of Valentine’s Day into your masterpiece of a wedding and turn it into a fashionable affair.  Here are 6 romantic ways to make that happen:

1. Perform The Rose Ceremony

Your ceremony is where it all begins and the perfect place to set the tone for your wedding day.  Since the red rose is the symbolic flower of Valentine’s Day, then the Rose Ceremony is a perfect way to incorporate the symbol and enhance your service.  The concept is quite simple although the meaning is quite deep.  After being handed red roses by the mothers or officiant, the bride and groom exchange roses to represent the act of giving and receiving love.  During difficult times in the marriage, giving a red rose will convey that love connection and act as a vessel for forgiveness.

2. Toss Red & White Streamers

Red and white, the colors of Valentine’s Day, are bound to be in your wedding.  They might show up in the flowers, the table decorations, and the invitations, but these are to be expected.  If you want to give everyone a beautiful and unexpectedly romantic moment, hand out customized 18” Airless Launchers filled with Metallic Streamers to all your guests prior to your ceremony or reception exit.  As you walk out the door, watch them toss glittery red and white streamers high over your head.  Take a moment to enjoy a kiss under the sea of streamers and amongst all your friends and family.

3. Write “Love Letter” Table Cards

There are so many iconic Valentine’s Day items used to create table cards, such as locks and keys, red roses, and practically anything heart-shaped.  Here’s a better idea:  write romantic “love letters”.  Start by putting guest names and table numbers on the outside of little envelopes.  Then inside each envelope, place a letter expressing your love, admiration, or friendship to that specific person.  It’s a great way to thank guests for coming and show your appreciation for having them at your wedding and in your life.

4. Release Confetti Rose Petals, Hearts, or Butterflies

Have you ever been surrounded by confetti while dancing amongst your favorite people?  That scene is about as romantic as it gets and one that you can cherish for a lifetime.  During your favorite song or the final set, drop or shoot off thousands of die-cut tissue confetti rose petals, hearts, or butterflies.   You can use our amazing Surprise Box to make it happen and completely “WOW!” all your guests!  Customize the confetti in classic red and white and experience the wonder of FETTI flying, fluttering, and floating through the air as everyone dances the night away.  It’s a magical moment that comes once in a lifetime!

5. Incorporate Sweethearts Candy

One look at the cute sayings like “Be Mine” and “Say Yes” and guests will hark back to their youthful days when handing out sweethearts candy was a Valentine’s Day tradition.  The key is to incorporate sweethearts candy into your Valentine’s Day wedding without taking away from the elegance.  Rather than toss them sporadically on tabletops, tie handfuls of sweethearts inside dainty mesh bags at each seat or place them delicately along the rim of your wedding cake.  Some people may think it’s romantic overkill, but the rest will think it’s overly romantic.

6. Book a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Take your Valentine’s Day wedding to the upper echelons of romance with a fairy-tale entrance.  Nothing is more spectacular than arriving at your wedding venue in a horse-drawn carriage.  As your driver opens the door, be greeted by a whirl of fresh “snow” from all-white 6” Wedding Confetti Launchers.  The pictures are priceless!  Then say goodbye to your steed and walk down the aisle to begin your new life in love!

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