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6 Tips On How To Plan Ahead For Big Events


Big events sneak up quick.It may be summer now, but winter events like New Years Eve will be here before you know it.And spring?A spring event like Mardi Gras can’t wait until the new year.It’s vital that you start planning ahead and nail down the foundations for your big events to come.Here are some tips on how to plan ahead from your experts at Flutter FETTI:

 Set a date first

 It’s such a basic concept, but it’s the most important piece of the puzzle.The date that you set for your event is the focal point by which everything else revolves.Some are easy to decide (there’s only one time for New Years Eve) and others are more flexible (Mardi Gras stretches over multiple days).Without a specific date in mind, you can’t confirm a venue, hire a band, or invite any guests.So once you’ve set a date, you can begin to work on everything else.

 Create a budget with wiggle room

 Of course, with every big event you have a big budget.To create a budget, you have to think about every little detail, including venue, food, drinks, décor, labor, entertainment, favors, and invitations.The challenge of planning ahead is that some costs change over time, so every budget should have wiggle room, or an emergency fund, from which you can alleviate any unexpected or excess costs.Fortunately, by planning ahead you can often get better deals or give yourself time to make changes in your plans.

 Pick an appropriate venue

 Your choice of venue has the greatest impact on your party’s atmosphere and outcome.A huge indoor space in an urban center will have a completely different vibe than a secluded outdoor beach setting.The goal is to pick a venue that best suits your theme, guests, and plans.For instance, if you plan to use X-6 Double Barrel Confetti Launchers to mark the New Year with a burst of color, then you need a place that features high ceilings or no ceilings at all.By planning ahead, you often have a broader choice of venues than those who look last minute.

 Search for sales and discounts

 When you give yourself plenty of lead time, you give yourself plenty of opportunities to evaluate your plans and find good deals.Event planning can be an expensive venture, therefore sales and discounts on invitations, food, drinks, décor, and party favors can improve your financial situation or give you more money to spend elsewhere.Sign up to receive emails from preferred vendors or call companies to see if you qualify for a bulk discount on your order.For example, by joining Flutter FETTI’s mailing list, you can received discounts for confetti products like 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks and 18” Airless Launchers with Metallic Streamers – both perfect for any event!

 Line up entertainment

 Food, beverages, and décor can usually wait until you get closer to party time.But entertainment needs to be booked or purchased well in advance.Live entertainment, like the best bands and DJs, get booked up quick.Popular party features, like 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launchers and large audio/visual rentals, are snapped up or reserved well before the month of the event.By planning ahead, your New Years party or Mardi Gras float will have the best assets to give your guests the most awesome celebration.

 Get the word out early

 You don’t have to send out invites or sell tickets super far in advance – most of your potential guests just aren’t ready yet.However, you can certainly start to get the word out and get people thinking about your event.Use social media, like Twitter and Facebook, to send out a teaser, such as a fun photo with the title “Half Way to Mardi Gras”.Or set up a countdown clock on your website to get people excited about your New Years Eve party.A little marketing can go a long way.

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