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8 Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Ideas


It is already getting to be time to think about ringing in the new year. The big question is, what do you do to make your New Year's Eve party memorable and exciting? Don't throw another typical New Year's celebration, try something fresh and unique for a family-friendly gathering that kids and adults alike will treasure.

Ring in the New Year Early

Kids want to join in the fun and festivities on New Year’s Eve. Avoid sleepy and cranky little ones by ringing in the new year early! Instead of waiting for midnight, try celebrating just after dinner. Let the kids join in while you use hand-held confetti launchers and drink sparkling grape juice! Depending on their ages, you may even get away with setting the clocks back a few hours so the kids think they're staying up late (we won’t tell!).

Pajama Party

No matter what your age, a pajama party is always cool! There’s no need to “dress to impress” … Let everyone ring in the new year in comfort. Bonus points: now the family is ready to fall asleep whenever they need to! Animal print, sports-themes or footie pajamas are just a few options. The kids will certainly get a kick out of seeing mom and dad in PJs! Pop some popcorn, spread out lots of blankets and pillows, and gather around the TV to watch the festivities.

New Year Resolutions 

Get the whole family to work on a fun project highlighting the best moments of the past year. Talk about goals that you can tackle together in the new year. Then have everyone reveal what they're looking forward to and what they'd like to change. It’s a great way to bond with the entire family. See how many of you have the same hopes and dreams for the next year!

NYE Themed Bingo

Let the family come together with arts and crafts! Make some colorful bingo cards with squares that feature a combination of words (year, ball, celebration, happy) and pictures (NYC, ball, hat). Give the kids candies to use as markers and tell them that each time they hear a word or see a picture on TV that matches one of their squares, they get to place a candy on the square. The winner gets a FETTI frenzy of confetti while everyone enjoys their sweet treats!

Scavenger Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt with New Year themed objects such as noisemakers, confetti sticks, silly themed hats and glasses, and so on. Let everyone find the objects and then everyone will be ready for the new year! Bonus Tip: You can even use some of the scavenger hunt accessories for our next idea (Photo Booth fun)!

Photo Booth

It’s time to get those 2017 glasses and funky accessories! A photo booth is an excellent way to laugh and play with the entire family. Don some fun accessories and show your spirit for the new year. Using an instant camera, take a bunch of fun pics and ask everyone to label the pictures with words and memories from the past year or with their new year's resolutions. Don’t forget to keep some photos out for the next project (Family Time Capsule).

Family Time Capsule

Work together as a family to create something you’ll come back and open at a later date! Have everyone write down their favorite memories and moments and write a letter to your future selves. Little ones can illustrate pictures or have you write out their memories. Place in something like a waterproof box or even several mason jars (one for each family member). If the weather permits, take the capsule(s) outside and bury them in a special spot for a future unveiling.

 Confetti and Streamers

Last but not least, don’t forget confetti and streamers for your New Year’s Eve party! No matter what you do, confetti and streamers are FUN for the entire family! With Flutter FETTI, the clean-up is quick and easy. If your local fireworks are going off too late for bedtime, you can create the same effect outside with the Flutter FETTI 14" FireCracklers Confetti Snappers. Or, if the weather is not ideal, choose some hand-held metallic streamer launchers in silver and gold. This makes for a fun filled night with super easy cleanup for bed.

Whether you choose one or ALL of these ideas, your family will never forget the time you spent enjoying New Year's Eve together. Flutter FETTI loves partnering with families to make all celebrations a blast! If you need help choosing the best products for little ones to enjoy, don't hesitate to contact our expert Confettiologists for tips, ideas, and product suggestions to ring in the new year with excitement.

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Don't forget to share your memories with us on social media. Post your favorite family-friendly New Year's Eve party pictures directly to our Facebook page and show the Flutter FETTI community your favorite ways to ring in the New Year! Need more party ideas? Check out our previous blog post on creating an epic theme that you can modify as needed to incorporate the kids.

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