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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

A Fun Finale For School Holiday Shows: Streamers & Confetti!


Practically every school celebrates the end of the first semester with holiday shows, plays, musicals or concerts.  As teachers, you spend months preparing students for the big performance in front of peers, friends and family.  Even the cheeriest event can be quite stressful, so do you really want to end your show with a dud?

Streamers and confetti make for the perfect fun-filled finale!  End your school holiday show, play, musical or concert – and signal the end of all that stress – with a burst of color, shimmer and pizzazz!

Here are some ideas (and great photos) to inspire your holiday show finale:

Use Confetti Sticks

The most simple and straightforward confetti sticks are also the most spectacular idea for finales.  Why?  Because everyone can use them, from the smallest child to the biggest adult!  They’re easy to grip, shoot off with just a flick of the wrist, and create the most awe-inspiring moment of fluttering, floating and flying confetti!

The 6” Flutter Flickers are ideal for the younger ones, smaller venues, or the pockets of band members who don’t want to ruin the surprise ending!  The popular 14” Confetti Sticks are better for older students or groups who want to make a big impact in a big auditorium!  You can customize colors for either one (think red, green and white for a school Christmas play) and tissue FETTI is easy to clean up.

Use Airless Launchers with Streamers

If you want something that reaches further into the audience, and has a bit more shimmer too, then the 18” Airless Launchers with Metallic Streamers are sure to please.  You get two shots with each tube and all it takes is just a flick of the wrist (no Co2 required) to launch streamers 20’ to 25’ in the air!  In a really dark room with only a few bright spotlights, the shimmering effect of flying metallic strips is enough to get everyone on their feet for that standing ovation.

Some school holiday shows step it up a notch and do streamers and confetti all at once.  There are launchers stuffed with streamers and confetti that give you the best of both worlds, or you can give half the performing students confetti sticks and the other half airless launchers and let ‘em rip!

Use Confetti Cannons or Confetti Blowers

If your school budget allows you to splurge a bit, confetti cannons or confetti blowers can give you a whole lot more bang for your buck.  Rather than make every student work for the finale, cannons and blowers do the work for you so everyone can be mesmerized by the moment.  What’s that moment you ask?  The moment the entire auditorium is covered in a cloud of colorful confetti!

The Surprise Box is great because it can be surreptitiously rolled out on stage and only unleashed when the moment is right.  The 3” Gerbs produce an even bigger effect and shoot confetti up to 75’ high – and it’s always a hit with the audience.  For an all out blast, the X-6 Double Barrel Launchers create a moment on par with the most astonishing fireworks shows, yet all done with confetti.

Regardless of which one you choose, an awesome, fun-filled finale awaits your school holiday show, play, musical or concert.  That’s the magic of streamers and confetti; that’s the magic of Flutter FETTI!

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.