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Basics of Event Planning | 5 Fun Holiday Party Tips & Tricks


The holiday season is definitely one of our favorites. Not only is it festive and fun, but we love the amazing parties everyone is having this time of year! Whether it’s an intimate get together for just family and friends, a fun office party, or a huge blowout party, you’re bound to have a great time. But when it comes to planning a holiday party, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Outlined here, you’ll find tips on everything from favors to décor ideas.

To continue our series on the basics of event planning, we’ve picked our top 5 holiday party planning tips and tricks. Follow these, and your party will be fa-la-la-fabulous!

1. Cook Ahead

Whether you’re just serving small bites or a five course meal, our biggest holiday party planning tip is to make it all ahead of time! Save yourself the stress of having to cook while the hours are counting down until your guests arrive. Or, for an even easier option, Pinterest-worthy cheese boards are always a big hit. Knock appetizers off your list of preparations with this easy and aesthetically pleasing board.

When you’re planning out dessert, opt for single-serve options. They’re easy to eat and require much less clean up! Mini pies, cupcakes, or some jazzed-up traditional cookies are mainstays that everybody loves.

2. Deck the Halls

On to the most fun part of holiday party planning: decorations! Holiday decorations are so fun, and there are just so many options that it’s easy to go overboard. Decide on your theme: will your party be classy and chic? Or will it be an ugly sweater party, full of kitschy and cute decorations?

If you’re opting for classy and chic, think snow. White string lights, glittering centerpieces, and some white holiday confetti to mimic falling snow are some great ideas to create your own winter wonderland.

Ugly sweater parties are all about being cozy. Think lots of red and green, with perhaps a fire lit in the fireplace. Evergreen branches, ornaments, and multicolored string lights will make beautiful centerpieces. Up the kitsch factor with a toy train or wrapping all your pictures in fun wrapping paper!

3. The Perfect Holiday Playlist

From Black Friday onwards, Christmas music is playing everywhere! And there are so many holiday songs out there, it can be difficult to choose the best songs to curate the ultimate playlist. The best way to go about this when holiday party planning is to pick a theme: will you be sticking to old school holiday songs? Or current pop stars’ versions of all our favorites? Bing Crosby, or Mariah Carey? This will set the tone for your party, so choose wisely!

4. Festive Party Games!

In planning your holiday party, you’ll want to think of some ways to keep the energy up. An easy way to do this is with some festive party games! They’ll get everyone in the holiday mood and keep people participating in your party.

A classic party game for the holidays is a White Elephant exchange. Set a price limit and give a couple ideas – like no gift cards – and get exchanging! This game is super fun because not only do you get a fun gift at the end, but you never know what you’re going to get!

Another fun game that can be played with the whole family is Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph. This is a twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and can be super fun for a family party with a large group of kids! Play Christmas music and give a prize to whoever gets the closest.

5. Memorable Favors

 Leave your partygoers with something to remember your fabulous holiday party! Planning a personalized ornament is a super fun way to get everyone involved. You can set up an ornament decorating station with glitter, 14” Flutter FETTI holiday confetti sticks, and paint pens so your guests can add their own touches. There’s nothing better than reminiscing about fun holiday parties past, so be sure to give your guests something to remember your party forever!

Well, there you have it! All you need to plan an unforgettable holiday party is outlined right here – from beginning to end. Here at Flutter FETTI, we’re all about making planning your next event as clear and straightforward as possible.

We get it; planning a holiday party amidst the season’s craziness is really hard work. There’s so much that goes into it! But have no fear: stick to this list, and you’ll have an unforgettable party in no time. For the most amazing holiday confetti and streamers for an awesome celebration of the most wonderful time of the year, contact us at Flutter FETTI! We’re here to make every event magical.

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