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Basics of Event Planning | New Year’s Eve Party Planning Tips


Though the holiday season is in full swing, the New Year is just around the corner! Whether you’re throwing a huge blow-out to celebrate the end of another year or counting down with a small group of friends, you’ve got some New Year’s Eve party planning ahead of you. The start of a new year calls for a rousing celebration full of energy. Don’t let this exciting holiday sneak up on you or catch you unprepared amidst the holiday bustle – plan an unforgettable celebration with sparklers, streamers, or even Flutter FETTI confetti for to rain down on your partygoers!

To continue our series on the basics of event planning, we’ve broken down New Year’s Eve party planning into 10 basic steps. Follow these, and your party will be the talk of the town!

1. Snazzy Invitations

Set the tone for your event with some fun invites! Glitter, gold foil, sassy quotes, and beautiful script are all an option. They’re festive, they’re chic, and they’ll definitely leave an impression. Exciting invitations are a great way to create buzz about your party from the get-go. And of course, what’s New Year’s Eve without our Flutter FETTI New Year’s Eve confetti for some added pizzazz! If you’re planning a more intimate gathering, consider personalizing the invites. Include a picture from a New Year’s Eve past, or a silly picture of the two of you. This will give you something to reminisce about when it comes time for the event!

 2. Fun Eats

When planning a New Year’s Eve party, you have a lot of options for food. You could make it a BYOA – Bring Your Own Appetizer – event, thus making sure all your partygoers have something they like to eat. Along that same vein, you can serve lighter finger foods throughout the night. After having lots of heavy food at Christmas and Thanksgiving, this menu will be like a breath of fresh air. Not only that, this plan will keep you out of the kitchen and create less mess overall. If you want to serve an entree, consider a salad and perhaps some fish or a vegetable dish – something light and healthy – to get your resolutions started early!

3. Care for a Drink?

You can always go for the classic champagne for your New Year’s Eve party – or plan something new and exciting! Have a mimosa bar, where guests can add orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and various fruits to their glasses. Or serve a classic martini, which is easily customizable for each guest’s preference. Either way, set up a drink bar with fun signs and non-alcoholic options so guests can stay hydrated and happy. Consider including little drink tags so no one misplaces their cups! This can be another fun way to add a little glitz to your event – choose sparkly tags or allow guests to personalize them for an added touch.

4. The Perfect Playlist

New Year’s Eve is a classy event, and the playlist mingling with your guests’ chatter should reflect that. If you’re including a dance floor, keep your playlist upbeat, celebratory, and fun! Old-school music is a good way to achieve that. Here are some fun, old-school song options:

  • “It Was a Very Good Year” - Della Reese
  • “Kick Out the Jams” - MC5
  • “Soul Dance No. 3” - Carl Holmes
  • “Les Filles C’est Fait Pour Faire L’amour” - Charlotte Leslie
  • “Midnight Ramblin’ Tonight” - H-Bomb Ferguson

If you’re just including music in the background of your party, smooth jazz is always a good bet. Be sure to keep it at a low volume so your partygoers don’t have to shout over it to speak.

5. Delightful Décor

Lots of glitter, glitz, and glam is needed when planning your New Year’s Eve party décor! Flameless candle lighting is a must. Not only is the soft light extremely flattering, but it brings a cozy atmosphere perfect for an intimate gathering. And the flameless candles will make sure you’re all safe! Candle light also reflects glitter so well, so create sparkling centerpieces and glittering wall hangings. Be sure to include lots of fun noisemakers and party hats for all your guests. This is a festive event, so bring on the kitsch!

6. Party Games!

Keep the spirits high all night with fun party games! For a fun twist, play “Two Resolutions and a Lie” – the ultimate icebreaker for the beginning of your party. Have your guests figure out which of the two resolutions are real, and which one is a lie. Play some New Year’s-themed charades and, depending on the size of your group, split up into teams for an added hint of competition. Or, set up a photo booth, complete with props and costume add-ons! This is a super fun way to give your guests a keepsake for the night.

7. Make it Personal

For an intimate party with your closest friends, planning a New Year’s party will be a little easier. Place pictures of your group together in centerpieces, on table settings, and in the décor. Personal postcards with nostalgic memories are a great keepsake to include here, so take a little time writing out unique messages of love and memories. Spend your night reminiscing about the years past, and think up all the fun things you’ll do together in the future! This is a great way to kick off the new year with a group of tight-knit friends and family.

 8. Delicious Desserts

End the night on something sweet. One fun dessert plan for your New Year’s Eve party is a dessert bar. Include a chocolate fountain and dipping treats like graham crackers, pretzels, marshmallows, bananas, and strawberries. Or a finger food-type dessert is another good option – keep it light and not too messy. Mini cheesecake bites, cake pops, and cupcakes are delicious, easy, and festive.

9. A Memorable Toast

When toasting your guests just before the countdown, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Keep it short and simple, make lots of eye contact, and keep it lighthearted. Leave out the esoteric or cheesy, sentimental quotes and lean towards the funny, goofy quotes we know and love. And remember: New Year’s is about celebrating everything that makes up a year, so be sure to thank your guests for being a part of yours – and be specific!

 10. The Countdown!

Here it is: the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Whether you’ve got the New Year’s at Time Square blaring on the television or are counting down on your own, this is the main focus of your night. Have something BIG planned for when you hit 0! Our 14” Flutter FETTI New Year’s Eve confetti Sticks is an amazing option, as Flutter FETTI photographs beautifully, lingers in the air for the first moments of the new year, and makes everyone look up in awe! No matter what party decorations for New Year's Eve you choose to emphasize your countdown, make sure they're magical! Make your first moments in the new year absolutely unforgettable.

Well, there you have it! All you need to plan an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party is outlined right here – from beginning to end. Here at Flutter FETTI, we’re all about making event planning as clear and straightforward as possible.

We get it; planning a New Year’s Eve party amidst the holiday craziness is really hard work. So much goes into it! But have no fear: stick to this list, and you’ll have a magical party in no time. For the most amazing New Year’s Eve confetti and streamer effect for an awesome start to the new year, contact us at Flutter FETTI! We’re here to make your every moment magical.

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