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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

Celebrate Outdoors with Biodegradable Confetti


Spring is just around the corner and that means weddings, parades, festivals, backyard parties, sports games, and corporate team-building events are on the horizon.  When hosting an outdoor event such as these, there is always concern about the environmental impact of certain party features, like helium balloons and plastic utensils.  Fortunately, there is a way to rejoice without regret:  biodegradable confetti.

Why Biodegradable Confetti Rocks

Biodegradable confetti was invented so you can celebrate life’s biggest moments without worrying as much about the after-effect.  Unlike plastic balloons that can gravely affect the environment, biodegradable confetti is made of paper that naturally breaks down over time.  Now even the most environmentally conscious partier can unleash a cloud of confetti and know that Mother Nature will be okay.

When many people think biodegradable confetti, an image of recycled newspaper clippings often comes to mind.  Yet the biodegradable confetti from Flutter FETTI is way more attractive and dazzling, designed with vivid colors and an aerodynamic shape that puts the “WOW!” in everyone’s mouth.  It may still require a little cleanup, but it’s worth the effort because it always looks so darn good.

A Wide Selection of Biodegradable Confetti Options

These are a few of the fantastic biodegradable confetti options from Flutter FETTI:

14“ Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks with customized colorsOur top-selling confetti sticks are super versatile and come stuffed to the nines with biodegradable tissue confetti.  You can customize the confetti to be all white for your wedding, match the colors of your local sports team, or choose the birthday girl’s favorite colors – it’s completely up to you!  Not only is the confetti biodegradable, it’s also flame-retardant to protect you from other unanticipated issues!

14” Corkscrews Confetti Sticks When you’re looking for confetti that’s both biodegradable and unique, these Corkscrews are the key to your happiness!  Give one or two to each guest and watch a wall of little tornadoes slowly descend upon the ground.  Customize your colors for added excitement and know that this biodegradable confetti is flame-retardant too.

Bulk Tissue Confetti using Continuous Flow Confetti Blowers – When individual hand-flick sticks aren’t enough, consider flooding your outdoor space with giant clouds of bulk confetti.  All the tissue confetti is biodegradable and flame-retardant so you can unleash a fury of FETTI and worry about the cleanup later.  With continuous flow Gerbs on hand, you can launch 1 pound of confetti every second and create a magical scene that will be etched into everyone’s memory forever!

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of biodegradable confetti products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we'll make the right product recommendation to add the "WOW!" effect to your outdoor celebration.

All prices are in USD Copyright 2020 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.
Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.