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Decisions, Decisions – Choosing Corporate Holiday Party Entertainment


When making a decision that only affects us, it’s relatively easy to decide.  When that decision affects an entire party of people, we rack our brain weighing the pros and cons.  Corporate holiday parties are full of decisions (all good of course!), especially when it comes to picking the coolest entertainment.

We strive at Flutter FETTI to make your decision easier and all your parties WAY MORE FUN!  So let’s help you make the right choice for your corporate holiday party.

Music – Live Band or DJ?

Live bands are awesome!  They’re interactive, they’re great at drawing an audience onto the dance floor, and they’re even fun for the non-dancers to watch.  Yet, live bands cost a pretty penny and are often less flexible on music selection.  DJs are the less expensive alternative, but there’s no sacrifice to moving and grooving.  They pick the hottest songs, know how to woo a tough crowd, and can be discreet if needed.

Answer:  If you have the dough, stretch for the live band.  You won’t regret it or forget it and nor will your employees.  Otherwise, the DJ is a perfect backup option.

Photos – Red Carpet or Rental Booth?

No holiday party’s entertainment is complete without photos because everyone wants a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Setting up a ‘red carpet’ photo area and giving your employees the star treatment is guaranteed fun (you can even bring in a costumer to spice up the photos).  Photo booths are less toilsome and more private, but still give people the opportunity to burst out of their shell and make a few funny faces.

Answer:  If your company is full of outgoing people, bring the glitz and glam of the red carpet conduct.  If you want to keep photography just a small piece of the overall party, then a booth will bring happiness without detracting from everything else.

Speakers – Boring Big Wig or Hilarious Host(ess)?

Every party needs a little direction and often someone is there to speak, even if just for a few moments.  If your CEO is a part-time comedian, then this piece is no issue.  But if your top-level executives lack the charm and chum of Jon Stewart, then the party may lack that same enthusiasm.  Having another well-known and entertaining employee lead the event is a risky, but rewarding alternative.  You could also utilize a connected outsider, like the guy or gal who stars in your advertising campaigns.

Answer:  If you can find a dependable and trustworthy host(ess) with excellent stage presence, get buy-in from the top-level execs to have that person run the party.  Otherwise, keep your big wig’s speech short and sweet and pump up the music right afterwards.

Extras – Standard Affair or Added Excitement?

A corporate holiday party can run on just people, venue, food, drinks, and music and many companies stick with these standard features thinking it’s enough of a ‘thank you’.  However, many other companies have discovered that a little extra entertainment goes a long way.  Hand all your employees 14" Candy Cane Confetti Sticks and watch the entire room light up with holiday color.  You can also have prize raffles, employee art shows, circus performers, and table games to keep the guests entertained all night long.

Answer:  We always believe that if you have the cash, make it rain with entertainment.  The corporate holiday party is a company’s way of thanking it’s employees for an entire year of hard work.  It’s important to show them you care.  Times may be tough, but the Flutter FETTI team knows you can always find a way to make your party shine!

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