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Five New Ways to Motivate Corporate Employees


We all know that extra vacation days, higher salaries, and promotions can motivate corporate employees.  But today’s worker bees want more.  They want to learn and be challenged, they want to grow personally as well as professionally, and they want to have their voices heard.

They also want their work life to be as exciting as their personal life, especially given the amount of time they spend at the office.  Here are five new ways from Flutter FETTI® to motivate your corporate employees:

Start Important, Yet Unrelated Work Projects

You can blame Google for this one, but the concept of letting workers devote 20% of their time to other projects is pretty inspiring.  The idea may seem too radical to some corporate employers, but you have to admit that taking a break from everyday tasks would be good for every employee’s mentality.

We agree that 20% may be a lot, but you can give it a go with a smaller slice of time.  Ask workers to join teams and projects that have nothing to do with their job, but still are important for the company.  Form a “Go Green” team and investigate ways to make the office more environmentally friendly.  Join the volunteer squad to formulate and execute volunteer days or opportunities.  Create a Halloween theme committee that purchases decorations and candy for the department.  Celebrate the success of these side teams with tasty lunches or fun award presentations.

Make Internal Events More Exciting

With the recession still lingering on our collective minds, many companies have cut back on what they deem are “extra costs”.  But we think that’s silly because many times those extra costs are spent in order to boost employee satisfaction.

Whether you’re hosting a new product launch event or celebrating the company’s 50th anniversary, you can make events so much more exciting without spending a fortune by using Flutter FETTI®!  Rent a 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher and WOW the crowd with a colorful cloud of confetti!  Or hand out 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks so every corporate employee can join in the confetti fun.

Expose Them To Vitamin D

A few lucky higher ups get roomy corner offices with a view, but the rest of the corporate staff is consigned to small, windowless cubicles.  Keeping your employees stuck inside an office on a beautiful sunny day is not the way to motivate hard workers.  The simple solution:  get them outside and force the issue if you have to.

Twice a week, put a 30-minute break on everyone’s calendar for a pleasant outdoor walk (it’s the new “going out for a smoke break”).  Host your next team-building exercise at the local park, rather than in the large conference room.  Host an annual company barbecue off-campus so they can’t go running back to their desks.  Trust us, the fresh air will do wonders.

Enjoy Out-of-the-Box Events

Office work can begin to feel redundant – typing on a PC, sitting in a cubicle, attending team meetings, calling back clients – especially a few years into the job.  By signing corporate employees to out-of-the-box events and conferences, you help them break out of the mundane daily cycle, reinvigorate their work ethic, and inspire them to come up with new ideas.

Send them to a TED conference to get immersed in an environment churning out creative ideas.  Sign them up for innovative event concepts like Ignite Talks or The Lost Lectures, and other interesting events that help generate ideas.  Attending these events also proves that the corporate world is not just a stuffy box.

Don’t Order In; Go Out For Lunch

It’s a classic move:  you have an all-day meeting and your secretary orders a dozen pizzas.  Easy, free food is certainly exciting, but it’s not motivating in the least.  It’s time we move beyond the pizza and try something fresh!

Convince the local food truck to come by and serve up their specialty (and pay for all the employees’ meals of course).  Or pick a local sandwich shop for lunch and prepare everyone ahead of time by putting it on the agenda (last-minute surprises rarely work).  By taking a scenic, culinary break, your corporate employees will be more motivated for the second session.

Can you think of other new ways to motivate corporate employees?

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