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Fun Wedding Reception Ideas and Games


Bye bye boring wedding receptions!  No more worries about guests sitting silently as they wait for dinner or their favorite song.  The Flutter FETTI Team has curated some fabulously fun wedding reception ideas to break the ice and get the party started!

Prevent Your Guests From Clanging Glasses

Your weddings guests want to see you kiss. It’s a lovely celebration and what a better time for a kiss than at your wedding reception? However, after the 10th kiss in 2 minutes you realize you’ve become a slave to the clanging.  We all know the old tradition was for guests to bang their glasses with flatware as an audible request for the bride and groom to kiss.  CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! YUCK! Brides everywhere are looking for a fun new alternative to this old tradition.  

Let’s slow things down a bit and make each kiss a little more meaningful! You can inform your guests with an announcement from the MC that “In lieu of banging our forks against our glasses, if you would like the newlywed couple to kiss, you must…”

  • …stand up and provide some meaningful marriage advice – if the crowd deems it worthy, the bride and groom will kiss.
  • …show the bride and groom how it’s done by coming up in front of the main table and kissing your mate – the bride and groom will outdo all of you!
  • …stand up and make a short toast to the bride or groom

Garden Games

Outdoor wedding receptions are the perfect venue to invite your guests to “Come Play with Us”.  Lots of wedding planners and brides that purchase our wedding confetti ask us about fun wedding reception ideas for the great outdoors. During the al fresco cocktail reception, guests can get to know each other through a friendly lawn game or two.  “Life-sized” jenga and chess, along with bocce ball, corn hole, and croquet create an entertaining and easy going atmosphere. Just be sure to have someone in charge of getting people involved or, depending on tour crowd, that stuff might just sit there.

Just Say “Confetti!”

Guests want to have fun!  A fabulous time will be had by all as a confetti frenzy erupts on the dance floor.  Before the reception, pick a certain dance song that’s sure the get guests on their feet.  Then plan to have the wait staff bring confetti sticks out on trays as your DJ or Band Leader lets everyone know how and when to use them.  As the special song plays, guests will fill the air with a captivating confetti frenzy.

Wedding Guest Libs

Remember how cool it was playing Mad Libs?  We’ve got an _______ (insert adjective for awesome) way to bring that fun to your wedding.  Create customized “Guest Libs” with fill in the blank wedding advice for the bride and groom.  Family and friends can complete each card while they wait for dinner and leave them in the “Suggestion Box”.    

These are just a few ways to rev up your wedding reception.  For additional creative ideas, visit our Wedding Confetti page and contact one of our talented Confettiologists.

The Flutter FETTI Team is here to help make your wedding spectacular! Do you have something fun planned for your wedding? Maybe a friend of yours had something really unique at their wedding? Share it in the comments below!


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