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Guaranteed to Keep Your Guests Laughing – Party Games for Groups


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Do you have family and friends visiting?  Say goodbye to humdrum happenings and hello to FUN!  The Flutter FETTI Team has some fabulous party game ideas to break the ice and get the party started!

Gargle a Song

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You might want to have a rain poncho or bib on hand for this crazy game! While gargling water, a person will start to sing a song. The others in the group will try to guess what song they are singing. The person who guesses correctly is next up to serenade the party.

Sing Song Ping Pong

For this party pastime, a person will begin singing part of a song chorus. The next person must feature a word that is found in the first person’s song lyrics. Each time a person uses a connecting word, they are awarded a point.   The first person with 10 points wins…even if they sing off-key!


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For this game, split into two teams. Have 15 to 20 words or phrases written down on slips of paper that can be easily acted out (fun ideas include “walk the dog”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “mowing the lawn”).   Remember, talking is not allowed by the person acting out the word. Instead, use these hand motions to communicate:

  • Number of Words: Raise your fingers to indicate the number of words. Two fingers equal two words, etc.
  • Books: Hands together in front of you, then open them up like a book.
  • Quotes: Use your fingers to make air quotes.
  • Plays: Bend down on one knee with your arms extended in a dramatic gesture.
  • Movies: Pretend to look through a camera lens with one hand cranking your imaginary movie camera.
  • Songs: Move your hands out from your mouth.
  • TV Shows: Form a rectangle with your fingers to signify a television screen.

As the actor begins, set the timer for three minutes, and let the fun begin! Both teams compete to guess what the person is acting out. The first team to solve the charade wins a point. Keep the charades going until all of the slips of paper are gone. Winning team gets bragging rights!

Dictionary Game

If you have a small group, this is an awesome way to bond and get to know each other. Each person will have their turn going through a dictionary to find an obscure word. Then each guest will have to write down what they think the word actually means. This can be done for up to 10 words. Winner can either be the person with the correct definition or the person with the craziest (incorrect) answer!All you need to play is a dictionary, paper and pencils, and your brain!

Balloon Volleyball

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This game is played just like a typical volleyball game, only using a balloon. Just like in the real game, each time a person misses the ball or it hits the floor, the other team scores the point.   If you are playing outside, you can kick the game up a notch by filling the balloon with shaving cream or water!

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What fun games have you played at parties and absolutely loved? Share with the Flutter FETTI Community in the comments below! 

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