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Homecoming Event Planning Tips


Planning a Homecoming - Get Biodegradable Confetti from Flutter FETTI!

Homecoming is a celebration complete with mascots, school pride and week-long events sure to touch the heartstrings of everyone in the community! However, a homecoming worthy of classmate and alumni praise takes commitment and attention to detail. The good news is that with dedication and enough time, you can create a memorable event that will be talked about for months and years. All you need is a plan.

Here are a few helpful tips sure to get you off to a good start.

Tip #1 – Brainstorm & Pick a Theme

Picking the theme is the first thing you have to do when planning a homecoming event. Until you decide on a theme, it is impossible to plan the events and decorations. When selecting a theme, you can consider relevant current events or spice things up with a tribute to the past with photos honoring your alumni. There are so many different themes to consider that you will have no shortage of ideas. Think about what makes your community great. Do you have a local crop that’s a staple in homes and stores throughout the county? How about a fun mascot that always brings a smile to people’s faces? Tying in themes like a local harvest or beloved town icons is always a safe bet!

Tip #2 – Decide on Specific Events

Organization is the key to success when planning a homecoming event. Traditional homecoming events like a parade and a homecoming dance take time to plan. You need to decide on your music, decorations and so much more. Where can you order bulk biodegradable confetti to honor your school’s pledge to be “green?” What bands are available? These are the questions you must answer. The devil is definitely in the details. Take your theme and plan events that will inspire all of the excitement of your favorite homecoming memories.

Tip #3 – Establish a Schedule and Assign Tasks

Get your calendar out and delegate. Be sure to plan for mistakes and backups plans. Weather and the “human factor” must be considered when planning a homecoming event. You need a timeline to ensure that nothing falls through the proverbial cracks.

Tip #4 – Decorate for All Events

Nothing screams celebration like decorations. Confetti, and other party supplies can transform the dullest gymnasium or barn into a romantic paradise worthy of any Homecoming Queen’s presence. Check out the wide variety of confetti options we have at Flutter FETTI. We offer bulk confetti and launching equipment that practically defies the laws of gravity as it floats in the air creating a magical moment to be shared and treasured. Planning an event worth remembering is not difficult if you know the “right” people.

Our specially-designed confetti isn’t just for homecomings, either! We feature a great line-up of confetti, airless launchers, and swishers with colored pom-poms attached to the end-- everything you need to show off team spirit and school pride! Also, if you send us your school colors, we’ll even color match them for dazzling confetti that’s perfect for a halftime show or any game you have in mind.

Tip #5 – Throw a Clean-up Party

Cleaning up does not have to be a burden if you are surrounded by laughter and friends you can count on. Providing food and music for the clean-up crew will send the right “thank you” message to your favorite “good sports” who volunteer to clean-up. With some luck and the right attitude, this effort can become more like a special after-party experience and less like a chore.

If you’re using our signature Flutter FETTI and launching equipment, just remember that our specially-designed confetti is completely biodegradable and designed for easy clean-up!

Start Planning Today!

Planning a perfect homecoming event is a worthy goal that can bring your community together. We hope these tips help you. And remember, partnering with the right suppliers for your confetti and other party decorations will help you create the fun, festive, and unforgettable atmosphere everyone will appreciate. After all, sharing and creating wonderful memories is what homecoming is all about.

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