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Inspirational Wedding Themes – Unique Twists On The Classics


The white lacey gown, the wooden church pews, the three-tiered cake with floral décor, and the disco ball rotating above the dance floor – it sounds like your classic wedding theme, right?  Well many of today’s brides want something a little more unique… a little more personal to them and their future spouses.

If you want keep those classic wedding elements, but enjoy a theme that’s a bit more your style, then we have something right up your alley.  Here are some creative and inspirational wedding themes from your friends at Flutter FETTI®:

Black & White Wedding Theme

People usually associate the color black with funerals, but we’re long past the days where it’s mandatory to use white with a pop of pastel, earthy tones, or primary colors for your wedding day.  Black is in and it can play a big role in your wedding now too.  From black bridesmaid dresses to black polka dots adorning your fondant cake, a black and white theme is perceived as clean and classy!  The main thing is to make sure that white maintains the lead role and black is the supporting act, so a splash here and there will look perfect.  Need a few more ideas for where a spot of black bodes well?  Have an all-white flower bouquet studded with black beads, stretch black lace runners across your white tablecloths, and wrap a black ribbon accent around your white wedding dress.  You can even incorporate black and white confetti from customized 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks and have it tossed during your first dance.  Gorgeous!

Beach Wedding Theme

Wear a dress shirt and no shoes and you still get service with this trendy wedding theme.  Beach-lovers adore the concept of marrying their loved ones amongst a backdrop of sand, sea, and sunsets.  While the idea of getting married on a beach sounds away from the standard church bell ceremony, there are many ways to make them feel one and the same.  Create an elegant wood-and-cloth chuppah or canopy to represent the altar, perform the ceremony at a resort that allows for privacy, and line the aisle with candles and shells.  Once the reception begins, you can really bring the beach theme to life.  Request that guests wear no shoes, cook up a mean lobster bake (for Northerners) or oyster roast (for Southerners), and light up a fire pit for making post-dinner s’mores!

Confetti-Themed Wedding

This is for the bride who wants to throw a party and still maintain a classy wedding.  Adding a twist of confetti jazzes up the everyday elements of a wedding with more color and more sparkle.  The result?  You get a lot more smiles.  Offer your guests bubbly Champagne and carbonated mixed drinks like mimosas and fizzy fruit punch.  Serve special desserts, like sugar coated donut holes and cupcakes with circular sprinkles, to give off that confetti vibe.  Speaking of desserts, the wedding cake is anything but traditional:  bake a massive Funfetti cake like the one you loved when you were a child!  So youthful, yet so delicious!  Of course, the best part of all is having actual confetti be a part of your wedding day.  During your big reception entrance, have your guests envelop you in a blizzard of all-white confetti from customized 18” Airless Confetti Launchers with tissue FETTI!  In fact, there are plenty of moments during you wedding day where 6” Wedding FETTI tubes can be used, from the first dance to the final departure.  Speaking of first dance, here’s an incredible idea for surprising your significant other.  Gift wrap our Surprise Box and put it on the dance floor.  As you begin your first dance, have the best man open the Surprise Box and watch our one of our die-cut confetti products (either butterflies, hearts, or rose petals) fly out of the box!  It’s the most amazing sight for you and your guests!

Country Chic Wedding Theme

When you want your wedding day to feel like it lasts forever, shoot for a slow-paced country theme.  The idea of rural solitude and an intimate setting are appealing to tons of brides, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  Country chic is a wedding theme that combines the best of both worlds – simplicity and sophistication.  Use earthy natural colors, like browns, greens, and white (obviously) that blend in with the natural world around you.  Choose rustic vases filled with willow reeds, mason jars for candles, and anything made of wood.  Ride up to your wedding reception on a horse-drawn carriage and provide handmade jam as a thank you gift to guests.  Don’t forget the all-white biodegradable confetti from 6” Wedding FETTI tubes either (this celebratory concept has graced weddings for over a century)!  Remember, this isn’t just any old country wedding – this is a country chic wedding where you arrive in the countryside and depart in style!

Vintage Wedding Theme

Remember those pictures of grandma and grandpa taken at their simple yet elegant wedding?  Past meets present at a vintage-themed wedding and there’s nothing more beautiful or touching than doing it like they did in the olden days.  The trick is giving those vintage elements a contemporary appeal.  Try printing invites on faded paper, wearing a necklace with large (almost ostentatious) jewels, and putting your husband-to-be in an old-school tailcoat tuxedo.  Other recommendations include putting a piece of your grandmother’s wedding dress onto your own, driving away from your ceremony in a ‘60s convertible, and displaying black and white photos of the family.  There are so many ways to make a wedding feel vintage, but the best way is when it’s personal and resonates with your entire family!

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