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It’s a Nice Day for a Green Wedding – Eco-Style Events


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Countless couples are planning weddings with a simple yet elegant feel that embraces eco-friendly alternatives.Eco-style events certainly don’t need to be intimidating…By swapping out a few “traditional” wedding items you can easily help conserve environmental resources. Read on for tips from the Flutter FETTI Team< on how to create your picture perfect wedding while taking care of Mother Earth!

The Dress

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Your wedding gown can be the one you’ve always dreamed of and eco-conscious!  Fashion forward gown designers are using sustainable fabrics such as organic linen, smooth satin crafted from a combination of hemp and silk, and dreamy organza with a hemp base. Another option is to incorporate upcycled materials such as vintage lace and beads


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Flowers are an important part of any wedding ceremony and celebration.  Buying what is in season from local growers helps reduce the environmental impact from long distance transportation. If you have access to an organic florist, go “au natural” and avoid pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

Celebrate with Care

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As you’re planning how your guests will celebrate once you’ve said “I Do”, think about how it will impact the surrounding land and animals. Releasing balloons may seem lovely, however, these balloons can end up in nearby waters and be mistaken for food.

Taking care of the environment is important to Flutter FETTI.  All of our tissue confetti is biodegradable and flame-retardant. Flutter FETTI’s tissue and metallic film are dipped in a flame-proof bath before processing.

The Music

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Instead of using a band or DJ that needs electricity, why not go “unplugged”?  Select a few acoustic musicians for an intimate musical setting. Many eco-friendly couples opt for a harpist or violinist to play as they walk down the aisle.

The Flutter FETTI Team is here to help make your wedding spectacular! Visit our Wedding Confetti page and contact one of our talented Confettiologists toll-free at (877) 321-1999 for customized suggestions today!

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