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Lights, Camera, Action! DIY Outdoor Movie Nights


Who needs going to out the movies if you can have your own spectacular DIY movie night in the comfort of your backyard? Imagine lounging under the stars with family, friends, and a fun flick! The Flutter FETTI Team has put together some great ideas for making this movie night a blast. Your guests will request a “Movie Night – Part 2” for sure!

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Movie Ticket Invites

You can’t get into a movie without your ticket, can you? Send out movie-themed VIP Access invites. Another option is the send guests raffle tickets to use as their “entrance vouchers”. Get creative and you’ll build up excitement to your movie night extravaganza! 

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Head to the Great Outdoors

Did you know that you could easily create an outdoor movie set right in own your backyard? All you need is a projector, a large white sheet (Queen or King sized), pillows, some chairs or blankets, and clothespins. You may want to use two sheets and double them up if you don't have a solid backdrop. Simply hang one end using a line and clothespins while weighing down the bottom with bricks or heavy rocks. Voila – you’ve created your projection screen! Just set up the projector, connect to your computer, stream the selected movie and enjoy! Arrange the pillows, blankets and chairs around in a semi-circle for a comfortable place for your guests to relax and enjoy the show.

Charisma with Confetti!

Why not hand your guests some 9” airless sticks filled with metallic streamers as they arrive? These won’t leave a mess in your yard and are very easy to pick up.  We can also custom color the streamers no matter how small your order. Create a FETTI-frenzy at the end of the movie, incorporating Flutter FETTI will have the crowd feeling like Hollywood royalty. Using loose Flutter FETTI die cut stars as decor on your concession tables is another easy way to add ambiance. If you really want to make an impact, rent a confetti blower for maximum WOW!

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Get the Party Popping

A movie night just isn’t complete without popcorn! You can buy an inexpensive tabletop popcorn maker and serve up freshly popped popcorn all night long Set. up topping bar option with different fun and tasty flavors in everything from savory buffalo ranch, cilantro lime, and chipotle to sweet cinnamon & sugar, peanut butter, and s’mores.

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Create It: Easy Concession Stand

One of the best ways to bring the movie theater experience to your night is by having a “concession stand”. Put out a wide variety of candy and snacks for your guests to enjoy while movie watching. Don’t forget the beverages! Set up a drink dispenser or cooler filled with icy cold drinks all can enjoy. Juice boxes are a big hit for any littles ones (less mess to clean up post movie!).

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Don’t Forget to Decorate

Add some flair to your movie night by hanging colorful outdoor lights and some movie-themed décor. The details might be small, but the impact will really WOW your guests.

DIY movie nights are simple to pull off, but a memorable way to hang out with your friends and family. You can come up with a theme to go along with the movie and use custom colored Flutter FETTI to compliment your theme. Romantic chick flick? Go with pinks and whites. Old Hollywood glamour movie? Try metallic silvers and golds. American War Films? How about some Red, White and Blue patriotic products? The possibilities are endless. For more expert advice from the Flutter FETTI Team, check out " Secrets to Throwing a Fab Party on a Budget".

If you need help choosing the perfect confetti products to use at your backyard movie night, call one of our Confettiologists today Toll-Free at 877-321-1999 (outside of the U.S. at 504-522-0300) or email us now and we’ll find the ideal product match to add the ultimate effect!

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 Flutter FETTI Sticks       

Awesome! Creates the perfect ending! Surprising, fun and festive!

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 9” Hand Flick Tube Filled with 10 Metallic Streamers       

These streamers were great! Impressive and easy to clean up. Super fun!

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