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Milestone Birthday Parties – Celebrate in Style


A milestone birthday takes place every ten years. Celebrate this new decade with a knock your socks off party! The Flutter FETTI Team has surefire tips and milestone birthday party ideas to make these events a fantastic time for all.

 Make it a Surprise

Pass out hand flick confetti launchers to all of the party goers before the big surprise. As the birthday guest of honor enters the room, create a confetti frenzy while cheering “Surprise!”. This is an exciting way to kick off the celebration and set the festive tone.

 Decoration Ideas

Arrange pictures of your guest of honor as they’ve grown through the years and celebrated milestones along the way. This is a creative way for the birthday honoree to remember special moments and share them with friends and family. A touch of nostalgia is always a heartwarming addition to birthday celebrations.


Themes are an exceptional way to plan your party with pizazz. Go for a fun theme like focusing on a specific decade when the guest of honor was born, such as the 60’s or 80’s. Have all of the guests dress up in era appropriate clothing and decorate accordingly.  Plan the music play list with the theme to tie the entire event together. Think about what colors were popular such as neons or muted natural tones and use those when decorating or purchasing favors. Did you know that Flutter FETTI confetti and streamers come in a rainbow of custom color options from traditional white to turquoise, lavender, and striking scarlet red?

 Gag Gifts

Instead of typical gifts, have guests bring gags gifts for the party guest of honor. Gag gifts come in a wide variety and will bring a ton of fun and laughs to the party! You can also use gag gifts and signs as photo booth props or decorations.

A Slideshow of Memories

Tech savvy? Create a video compilation to show during the party! When you send out the invites, ask friends and family to send you pictures or videos for you to add into a slideshow. This can be a lot of fun for all of the guests to relive old memories together. Choose background music and captions that fit the era of the photos or videos and wrap up the show with a tribute to the guest of honor with messages of love and support.

Location, Location, Location

The right location makes a party stand out. Whether it’s a grand locale like Las Vegas, an intimate gathering at cottage, or spectacular outdoor venue, the space helps set the mood. Think outside of the (birthday) box and host the party at a trampoline or amusement park, or indoor pool to add a youthful flair. Now's the chance to kick back and party like the good old days!

Now you’re ready to make this milestone birthday party a huge success! The Team at Flutter FETTI loves to help others celebrate these important moments in their lives. Shop online or contact one of our Confettiologists with your order toll free at 877-321-1999.

Have you incorporated Flutter FETTI into one of your celebrations? Share your photos and videos with us here and receive a 15% discount code to use on a future purchase!

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