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Must-Have Checklist – Organizing A Corporate Holiday Party


With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your big corporate holiday party!  While your home shopping list may be as easy as 1-2-3, a corporate event has a long laundry list of tasks and feels more like 1-12-23.  There’s so much to remember when planning such an event that you need to be diligent and well-organized.

At Flutter FETTI, we know that organization is the key to success.  So here’s our must-have checklist to make your corporate holiday event a perfect one:

o  Budget

Determine your budget for the entire event.  Once you know the total spend, slice and dice it with a simple spreadsheet and estimate your expected spend for each piece of the event.  Make sure to review your budget constantly to ensure you are staying within the allotted amount (or ask for more money before you overspend).

o  Venue

It’s important to know your audience.  How many employees will attend and can they bring their spouses too?  Once you know your size, pick an appropriate venue that can handle your group and your budget.  Look for venues that offer holiday or corporate packages, as well as venues that are conveniently located.  Lastly, it’s important that you personally preview the venue so you can inform your guests of directions, parking, entranceways, and any other answers to the usual FAQs.

o  Date & Time

Every party needs an official date, however, being flexible will help you secure the right venue.  If you must have the party on a specific day, then book early to ensure you get everything you need and want.  If you’re looking to shave costs or guarantee attendance, daytime events are often less costly than evening ones.

o  Save-the-Date

As with any party, inform your guests (in this case, your employees) at least 4-5 weeks in advance about your corporate party date and time.  This will help people avoid making plans as well as strike up enthusiasm within the company.

o  Hosts & Speakers

Identify who will be hosting the event, who the speakers may be, and who else will have an important role that night.  Make time to sit down with these people personally to run through the party agenda and the appropriate speech topics.

o  Food

The moment you mention party, it’s the first thing on guests’ minds.  Will you do buffet-style dining or a sit-down dinner?  Will you have waiters passing out finger foods on trays or do you plan a few hors d’oeuvres stations set up near the entrance?  Food types are also important.  Think traditional holiday fare like turkey and gingerbread cookies, as well as vegetarian options. And quality is huge so don’t go cheap on food because the bad taste will linger in your employees’ mouths, literally!

o  Drinks

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are expected and open bar is the norm.  If you want to cut back on cost and inappropriate behavior, stick to just beer and wine.  And most importantly, no “tip jars”, because this party is completely on the corporate card.

o  Décor

Décor can transform a big open space into an intimate and attractive party room.  Think colored linens, helium balloons, flowing streamers, scented candles, glittery centerpieces, and majestic flowers.  Also remember to put fun party favors and festive photos all around the room.

o  Entertainment

This is something we know all about!  Every corporate holiday party demands some kind of excitement throughout the event, including a live band or DJ, photo booth, table games, and anything else that gets people fired up.  And when you really want to get the party going, give your guests a few 14” Confetti Sticks mixed with tissue and metallic Flutter FETTI and “hand-flick” them off all at once!  For the last song, use a Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launchers to make it rain sparkling Metallic Flutter FETTI mixed with all white Corkscrew confetti as your whole company takes to the dance floor under ballroom chandeliers!

o  Dress Code

Decide if you want your corporate holiday event to be a formal affair, a casual hangout, or a “Christmas sweater” themed event.  Let people know well in advance so they can buy, tailor, and arrange their outfits.

o  Invitation

Provide an official reminder 1-2 weeks prior to event date with final driving directions, address, transport or parking options, party agenda, food hints, and dress code.  You can even send another reminder the day before the event with heightened enthusiasm and similar info to help those who easily forget or lose their invite.

o  Fun Prizes

In the spirit of holiday consumerism, there should be gifts galore!  Run a big-time raffle to giveaway a luxury suite or the latest hi-tech gadget.  If you want to make it humanitarian, ask people to donate towards a silent auction to win cool prizes.  You can even keep it simple by giving every employee a cute little gift bag filled with chocolate, a t-shirt, a thank you card, and 6” Flutter Flicker Confetti Launchers to shoot off during the party, especially in events with lower ceilings.

o  Photographer

A photo is worth a thousand words, so hire one to be on hand.  Will you hire a professional or use your in-house photo guru?  That’s up to you.  Either way, pay someone to capture the best party moments.  You don’t want to miss Gary or Sue grooving to Michael Jackson on the dance floor!

o  Follow-up

After the party, send a series of the best photos to everyone in the company.  These always provide a good laugh and a lot of smiles around the office.

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