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Planning Your School Play – Get a Standing Ovation with These 8 Ideas


Ready to have the best school play around? These eight top-notch yet simple high school play ideas will transfer your show into something uniquely memorable that’s bound to bring on a standing ovation!

  1. Set the Stage
  2. All hands on deck!  Get local high schools and colleges involved in set design.  Ask the head of the art department if they’ll loan out their equipment.  Many schools hold a variety of props, costumes, and sound and lighting equipment.  High school and college art students are perfect volunteers for set creation and painting.
  3. Cast T-Shirts
  4. Have the art department teacher get involved by designing the cast t-shirts to mark the school’s musical story; a well-designed print will give the t-shirt a unique and personalized look that is in accordance with the musical and what it represents. Adding the names of every cast member onto the back of the t-shirt is also a great idea and gives the cast their own personalized keepsake to wear with pride. Students can wear the t-shirts to rehearsals and autograph each other’s shirts.

  5. he Bigger the Better
  6. Choose a musical that doesn’t limit the amount of cast members. Go all out and invite as many students who are willing to take part and contribute to the musical. Even if they don't have singing or speaking roles, more people on the stage will impress the audience without adding complexity to planning. No matter the signing talent or the dancing skills, everyone who wants to be a part of the play can have a place and feel welcome.
  7. The Power of Parents
  8. Parent volunteers and chaperones during rehearsals and acts of the show really make a difference to the whole musical. The presence encourages and supports the students when they may feel overwhelmed and will ultimately make them feel more engaged with what the purpose of the musical is! It's a great way for parents and students to bond and get to know each other as well.
  9. Fan Club
  10. Family and friends can send “fan grams” backstage during the show to support the students. Waiting behind the curtain for their moment to shine can be tedious for little ones.  Fan grams with messages like “break a leg!” or “shine bright” along with some candy and a bottle of water will add excitement to the evening. Be sure to have slips of paper and pens ready.

  11. oncession Stand
  12. Raise money for the drama club by selling soft pretzels, candy, drinks, and even baked goods. Ask local business and parents to make or donate food and drinks. Not only does this help raise money for the drama club and school, but it is also a form of hospitality and entertainment that keeps the audience engaged and entertained! Don't forget to formally thank businesses and local community members who donated in your musical program. By offering businesses a small ad in exchange for a donation, this is a win=win idea for all.

  13. Grand Finale
  14. The show was a huge success!  Create a FETTI frenzy and let the confetti and streamers fly as the curtain closes or the actors come out and bow.   We understand that school budgets can be minimal, but you want to produce maximum results. Flutter FETTI offers guaranteed lowest prices and volume discounts for all your school event needs!

  15. After Party
  16. Just because the musical is finished, it doesn’t mean the fun must end!  After the curtain closes, invite the audience to celebrate with the cast over refreshments. Attendees can get their program signed by the stars of the show.  Bonus idea: Pick a date for a future cast party where the entire cast and stagehands can watch the recording while enjoying some “theater treats” such as popcorn.

    No matter what size or theme musical you're planning, Flutter FETTI wants your show to go off with a bang! From confetti sticks to continuous confetti blowers (and everything in between), your school musical will be the talk of the town with some special effects and the help from our Confettiologists.

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