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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

Product Review – 6 Confetti Cannons from Flutter FETTI


When you want to signal the excitement of a start, victory, or finale, a giant blast of confetti and streamers always does the trick!  At Flutter FETTI we have 6 incredible confetti cannons – three remote-operated and three handheld versions – and each boasts its own unique and fun qualities so you can find one that’s perfect for your event.

X-6 Double Barrel Confetti Cannon (Wireless Control, Electric) –

If the name doesn’t excite you, then it’s versatile functionality certainly will!  The X-6 Double Barrel launcher features two 42” long slender barrels that can be used in sync or separately to shoot everything from speed load confetti tubes to metallic FETTI strips to tissue and metallic streamers.  Hang it from a ceiling grid or set it up on stage to create the amazing shot and statement your event needs.  It’s your classic stationary confetti cannon with twice the excitement!

Available for purchase or rental

9 Barrel “POD” Confetti Cannon (Remote Control, Electric) –

Like an upside down octopus with an extra leg, this 9-barrel confetti cannon is a brilliant and safe alternative to fireworks.  It shoots confetti up to 40’ in the air and streamers up to 85’, including large stadium-size 2” x 40’ streamers so you can truly make an impact… and put on a show.  An on-board micro-processor allows you to pre-program the exact sequence you want, whether it’s all at once or one at a time.  For the biggest shows and events, this confetti cannon is worth every shot! Available for purchase or rental

Tabletop Confetti Cannon (Wireless Control, Battery-Operated) –

Surprise your guests with these nifty, concealed tabletop confetti cannons.  Tuck them inside bouquets of flowers or hide amongst the candelabras and shoot off to celebrate the most memorable moment of the night.  It’s great for weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, New Years Eve and other events in a venue full of tables and people.  A little shock and awe can lead to a lot of “oohs” and “aahs”! Available for rental

MEGA Blaster Confetti Cannon (Handheld, CO2) –

This handheld confetti cannon is more compact than the others, but equally powerful and extremely adaptable.  Toss in poly bags of tissue confetti, die-cut confetti, tissue streamers or metallic streamers, then aim and fire exactly where you want it.  You can also stuff it with stress balls, stuffed animals, and other giveaways to send the crowd something special.  With such control and precision, this confetti cannon is ideal for sports games, concerts, parades, festivals and other events where the audience is spread out and eager for a shot of fun!

Available for purchase

Master Blaster Confetti Cannon (Handheld, CO2) –

Aim the 42”-long barrel of this confetti cannon at your target and let ‘er rip!  You can shoot stadium-sized streamers up to 100’ in the air and double-wrapped tissue or metallic confetti up to 40’ in the air for a wild eye-catching production.  Anyone lucky enough to witness the magnitude of this confetti cannon’s power will be absolutely thrilled!  When you want the excitement of stationary device, but the portability of a handheld, this is your go-to launcher.

Available for purchase or rental

Quarter Turn Confetti Cannon (Handheld, CO2) –

Simple in design, powerful by nature, this Quarter Turn confetti cannon is quite the treat for event organizers.  As you prepare to shoot, the pressure builds and the items loaded inside soar up high for a spectacle like you’ve never seen!  Fire metallic confetti up to 40’ in the air and tissue confetti up to 30’ in the air.  It’s portability makes it useful at almost any event and it commands attention every time you use it.  It’s easy to see why this confetti cannon is such a winner!

Available for purchase or rental

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we'll make the right product recommendation to add the "WOW!" effect to your celebration.

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.