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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

Product Spotlight: Continuous Flow Gerb


Our Flutter FETTI products are specially designed to put the “WOW!” factor into your event.  And if you’ve ever seen them go off, you know it’s true!  We have so many products, however, that it’s sometimes hard to imagine which one is best for your upcoming event. Here’s a little help just for you.

Today we highlight one of our most awe-inspiring creations:

Continuous Flow Gerb Launchers


What is this?

These small machines, available for rental or purchase, create a massive effect with only a small amount of confetti.  While many continuous flow products feature only one horn, ours has two horns.  One horn blows confetti high into the air and the other acts as a turbocharger to make confetti shoot higher and spread out farther.  Best of all, they come in two different sizes, one with two 3” horns and another with two 6” horns, and each can launch confetti 75’ to 100’ in the air, respectively!  And don’t fret if your venue ceiling is too low – you can position the horns at a lower angle to shoot at lower heights.

Where can I use it?

Continuous Flow Gerbs are extremely versatile and can be used at nightclubs, casinos, hotel ballrooms, wedding venues, large bars, parade floats, concert halls, theme parks, and almost anywhere else you can imagine.  In fact, our Flutter FETTI® tissue confetti is biodegradable so you can even use it outside!  If you want to shower you entire audience in confetti, this is the product to use and if you plan to shoot it night after night, it’s imperative to invest in a well-made device like ours.

How does it work?

They operate with two liquid siphon Co2 tanks (available at gas supply companies everywhere) and are extremely easy to use.  Simply attach the hoses between the two Co2 tanks and the two horns.  Then put 3-4 handfuls of confetti in the hopper and turn on the Co2 to watch a wall of confetti instantly flare up in front of you.  You can either leave it on and keep throwing confetti in the hopper for a fast-paced ‘continuous’ effect or keep the momentum going longer by turning the Co2 on and off creating waves of confetti.  These machines have the capability to push through a 1 lb bag of confetti per second!   We use it frequently to draw attention to our trade show booth and it blows people away every time!

Note: 20 lb liquid siphon Co2 tanks last for 20 seconds and 50 lb liquid siphon Co2 tanks last for 2 minutes.

How do I get the best effect?

You can use tissue or metallic Flutter FETTI or any of the die-cut options, like hearts, circles, rose petals, stars, and butterflies.  Best of all, you can mix-and match products to create a spectacular effect.  Try combining white corkscrew confetti with metallic silver Flutter FETTI to create the most elegant effect you’ll ever see (perfect for weddings and New Year’s Eve celebrations!).   It’s so colorful and so much fun – just let it fly!

What now?

If you’re interested in making Continuous Flow Gerb Launchers part of your special event, place your order online now or request a quote from one of our specialized confettiologists.  We'll make sure you get the “WOW!” effect you deserve!

All prices are in USD Copyright 2019 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.
Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they come become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.