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Secrets to Throwing a Fab Party on a Budget


Everyone wants to throw a party that will be remembered, and the Flutter FETTI team has plenty of great products to help. From setting the right atmosphere to placing the finishing touches, this post will discuss the top secrets for throwing a fab party on a limited budget. Each of these secrets offers a straightforward way to enhance your next event, from unique table settings and party favors to party themes.

Get Creative with Table Settings

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If your gathering will include dinner or refreshments, there is no better way to spruce things up than with some fun confetti table accents. Die cuts in butterflies, hearts, rose petals or stars in custom colors are a unique touch for a festive tablescape. Why not fill a vase with 14” Confetti Sticks, complete with an “instructions for use” card tied to each one. Flutter FETTI is ideal for getting guests into the party spirit.

Party Favors

Customize with your own special message!

Send your guests home with party favors they'll remember. Our Custom Wrapped 9” Hand Flick Launcher Tubes can be personalized for each guest to take home as a memorable souvenir of the party.  Simply provide us with the design and layout, 9 1/2” inches wide by 6 1/2” long.  From “Happy Birthday (guest of honor)” to “Congratulations on Your New Job!” these are a memorable way to celebrate any occasion!

Decorate for Less

There is no need to invest a large sum of money on costly decorations when Flutter FETTI offers a bigger “WOW” factor without the hefty price tag. Our Baby Gerb Continuous Flow launcher produces a steady stream of confetti that fills the room with festivity and fun. The Baby Gerb can sit on a table and shower the guests with Flutter FETTI, producing an exciting atmosphere.

Another fun idea is to purchase or rent the Surprise Box which can be wrapped with theme related paper and a bow out the outside so it looks like a large gift.  Then, you open the box and all the guests will be amazed by the die cut products flying 40’ into the air.  Picking a theme when decorating is also a great way to stay on budget while making a big impression on guests. From Hawaiian-themed gatherings to Bohemian bridal showers, you don't have to spend a lot to throw a fabulous party.

Maximize the Use of Color

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Making use of color is the best way to create a festive atmosphere on a budget. From rainbow hues for Pride events to bold, dark colors for a mystery-themed bash, the right colors go a long way towards creating the atmosphere you want. Flutter FETTI offers products in a wide variety of colors, ranging from neutral to bright, making it easy to celebrate any way you choose. Our tissues are biodegradable and flame retardant.  The PVC film products are flame retardant. Not all products on the market are dipped in a flame retardant bath like ours are. Whatever material and color your occasion calls for, our products are FUN, VIBRANT, and SAFE!

Plan Fun Activities

While there is a balance to be found between a structured itinerary and a laid-back gathering without any events, planning a few fun activities is a great, inexpensive way to make your next party a hit. Depending on the size of your gathering, you can offer trivia games to give guests something to talk about or keep some lively music that matches your party's theme playing in the background. Music is a great way to keep the party going, and some fun recorded or live tunes pair well with a continuous flow confetti launcher for guests to celebrate. Did you know that we have launchers for rent (ideal for a planning a party on a budget) which are perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor venues? Whether you have a small intimate indoor gathering or a large, outdoor extravaganza, our confetti cannons will launch Flutter FETTI to the perfect height.

Great Refreshments

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From delicious appetizers to themed drinks, there are a variety of ways you can enhance your party with refreshments. If you will be serving cake, be sure to make the unveiling part of the festivities. Even light refreshments can be enhanced by serving food and drinks in a unique way. Line trays and food tables with colorful confetti for a special flair or serve refreshments out of containers that match the theme of your event.

Planning a party can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways in which you can create a memorable experience for your guests without breaking the budget. From music to sticking with an identifiable yet unique theme, the most important aspects of throwing a fabulous party are highly affordable. Flutter FETTI confetti products make affordable accent pieces, party favors, and magnificent effects that are sure to wow your partygoers.

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.