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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

Setting the Stage for the Best Awards Ceremonies


If you ask us, everyone deserves to receive an award once in awhile. And whether you’re throwing a corporate retreat, a beauty pageant, or an end-of-season party for the local Little League, there’s always a reason to host an awards show!

But how do you go about planning an awards ceremony? We’ve got the tips and tricks to help you throw the best ceremony ever:

Step One: Set The Tone

Before you start planning an awards ceremony, you have to determine what kind of show your ceremony will be.

Will it be funny, with joke categories and playful barbs from the emcee, like the Razzies? Will it be formal, sincerely celebrating the recipient’s accomplishments – for example, a high school graduation? Once you decide on the event’s tone, you can start working on everything else.

Step Two: Set a Budget

The next step in planning an awards ceremony is establishing a budget. This is a critical step (for obvious reasons), so take time and discuss it with your team.

And remember: your budget is much more than just how much you have to spend. Prioritize your spending (consider the venue, the awards, the confetti) so you can host the ceremony of your dreams.

Step Three: Find Some Judges

Awards are integral to an awards ceremony, but who decides the winners? The answer depends on the type of award ceremony you’re planning.

If your winners are determined by vote, make sure you provide everyone with a ballot. If you’re using a panel of judges, make sure you pick people you know will be objective – and make sure the judging criteria is clear.

Step Four: Bring The Bling

At this point, you’ve determined the type of awards you will present and who will be awarding them. However, you still need one important thing: the awards themselves!

An award can be anything – a trophy, a ribbon, a certificate, even a stuffed animal. Decide what your winners will receive, and make sure you have enough for all your winners to take one home.

Step Five: Put on a Show!

At this stage in planning your award ceremony, it’s time to get creative. An award show should be entertaining, so don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops (within your budget, of course).

Open the show with a multimedia presentation that highlights your award recipients. Close the show with a burst of Flutter FETTI confetti after the final award. The possibilities are endless, so go nuts!

If you follow these steps, planning an award ceremony will be a breeze. And if you add award confetti from Flutter FETTI to your show, you’ll watch our confetti flutter, fly and float exciting your guests and turning your show into a whimsical wonderland! Visit our website and check out our selection today – we are sure that you will find the ideal confetti for your event.

WARNING: Do not point, flick, or fling toward anyone when using our launchers.

Some Flutter FETTI products when saturated with any liquid and under pressure may bleed color, and Flutter FETTI® cannot guarantee or warranty that it will not do so. If any liquid will or may be present at an event, please consult with us so we can assist you in choosing water-safe FETTI® products.

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.