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Sixteen Candles – Planning the Perfect 16th Party!


Sixteenth birthday parties are a huge trend for both boys and girls. Times have certainly changed as these “coming of age” parties include venue rentals, DJs, semi-formal dress, and, as always, Flutter FETTI confetti and streamers!

Ready to plan the most epic Sixteenth Birthday Party ever? The Flutter FETTI Team has you covered with these awesome party ideas.


Themed parties make for a tremendously cool event. Just a few themes include Hollywood, Mardi Gras, Glow in the Dark, Masquerade, and Color themed parties. Need inspiration? Pinterest has a fantastic Sweet Sixteen Themes page with endless possibilities.

The Ultimate Present That Will SURPRISE!

The birthday girl or boy along with family and friends will be WOWED at your gift-wrapped present that happens to be so much more… Wrap our Surprise Box Continuous Flow Confetti Launcher in birthday wrapping paper and set it up where all of the presents are placed. Have the guest of honor and party-goers surround the present area and voila! Pull up the lid of the Surprise Box and the confetti products inside will fly up and flutter all around. FETTI options include custom colored Butterflies, Hearts, Stars, and even Rose Petals! The smiles and cheers as the “present” is opened will make memories to last a lifetime.

The Party Might Be Ending, But The Confetti Is Flying!

Even though the party is almost over, guests can leave on a major high note as they celebrate the final song of the night. Have party chaperones pass out our 14" Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks along with instructions on how to use our most popular product. These confetti sticks are perfect for large indoor or outdoor parties. Our Confetti Sticks can be filled with custom colors to coordinate with your party theme. Let the confetti fly in the celebration’s grand finale!

The Flutter FETTI Team is here to guide you through planning an unforgettable Sixteenth Birthday Party. Contact one of our expert confettiologists and we’ll make sure your party is absolutely incredible! Do you work in the event industry? Call us toll-free at (877) 321-1999 for wholesale pricing.

Did you know Flutter FETTI differs from the rest of confetti on the market? Traditional confetti is made from hole punch discards from paper companies, basically a byproduct. Flutter FETTI is manufactured specifically to produce a floating confetti effect. Due to its rectangular, aerodynamic shape, it virtually defies gravity as it floats, flutters, and flies slowly toward earth.

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.