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The 5 Best Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve


When that clock strikes midnight on December 31 of any year, you want to be somewhere special with your significant other, friends, and/or family by your side.  Knowing the people you want to be with is usually the easy part.  Picking that special place to celebrate the occasion can be a bit trickier.

Your experts at Flutter FETTI® help countless people celebrate New Years Eve every year and we realize there are countless ways to celebrate the event.  Here are our five of the best ways to make your New Years Eve celebration extra special!

1.  Go to a Club

Clubs are practically designed for New Years Eve celebrations.  They have huge dance floors, multiple bars, exciting music, and packs of chic partygoers.  City slickers in places like New York, Las Vegas, London, and Berlin will have the best selection, but any club in any city, big or small, will do.  Many clubs sell tickets in advance for a fixed rate that gives you entrance, food, and drinks throughout the night.  Book early to take advantage of the best prices and go with a big group for a fabulous time!

2.  Rent Out a Bar

If you have hundreds of Facebook friends (who are actually real friends), then this option is for you.  During New Years Eve, many bars are available for rental meaning that you and 99 of your friends can each pay a fixed price for unlimited drinks and a place all to yourself.  By renting a bar, you don’t have to fight the crowds to get into one and you’ll know most, if not everyone, there.  Best of all, you can do whatever you want which means hiring your own DJ, offering your own “NYE 2012” drink, and convincing the bar manager to let you shoot 14” Flutter FETTI® Confetti Sticks when the big moment comes!  Book early as many of the best bars get rented quickly.

3.  Host a Party at Home

If you want to celebrate New Years Eve with everyone you know and on a much smaller budget, then hosting a party at your own house is the way to go.  There’s a lot of upfront work involved in planning, shopping, cleaning, and setting up, but you have control over every detail, including timing, food, and drink.  As for entertainment, you can play your guests’ favorite music, wave around plenty of 9” Happy New Year Swisher Streamers, and even arrange for fun social games, all because you want to.  Most importantly, at the end of a very long night, you have the shortest trek to bed.

4.  Join in the Featured Festivities

Every city and town has its New Years Eve celebration.  New York City has the big ball drop, New Orleans has the Jackson Square revelry, and Sydney has its famous fireworks behind the Harbour Bridge.  Most of these big events are completely free and incredible experiences.  Despite the inevitable crowds and craziness, witnessing these festivities first-hand is way more exciting than watching them on television.  And if you go with your significant other, you get to share a smooch at midnight with the thousands of other revelers witnessing the same event.  It’s just one big happy party!

5.  Travel Somewhere New

When New Years Day falls on a Monday or Friday, workers around the world rejoice about the extra long weekend!  It’s the perfect excuse to hightail it out of town and celebrate New Years Eve in a completely new destination.  It could be visiting a friend in the party capital of Montreal, flying to see your sister who just moved to a ski village in Colorado, or taking a romantic trip to the beaches of Cancun.  It’s less about where you go and more about taking a risk and enjoying a new adventure.  The only thing that does matter is whom you’re with, especially when that clock strikes midnight!

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