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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

The Latest Trend at Fashion Shows: Confetti & Streamers


Every fashionista knows that the clothes are only one part of the fashion show performance.  You also need professional models that are confident on the catwalk, great lighting to show off all the colors and textures, and music that enhances the mood.

Since every show features this standard formula, how do you make your fashion show stand out from all the rest?  By incorporating the finest confetti and streamers!  Here’s how you do it:

Coordinate with the theme using die-cut confetti

New clothing styles can range from the banal to the bizarre, but most fashion shows tend to have a common theme.  Is your fashion show a patriotic “Stars & Stripes” theme?  Shoot red, white and blue die-cut tissue stars confetti into the air during the final moments of the show.  Or is lingerie your primary apparel?  Use red and white die-cut tissue hearts confetti to woo the crowd, make a statement and promote your clothing line at the same time!

Impress your audience with glow-in-the-dark confetti

The entire goal of a fashion show is to inspire potential buyers and increase your exposure.  Getting people to pay attention these days is harder and harder, which is why unique confetti can be your way to stand out from the crowd.  During the high point of the fashion show, dim the background lights and unleash a flurry of neon glow-in-the-dark confetti (pink, green, limon or white) upon the catwalk and crowd.  With so much excitement in the air and your clothing front-and-center, all eyes will be wide awake and you’re bound to make a good impression!  Contact Flutter FETTI for glow-in-the-dark confetti details.

Design a fantastic fashion show finale with confetti and streamers

If you’re going to put on a fashion show, you have to end it with a bang so people remember you.  Celebrate your great work and all the hard-working models with a blitz of confetti and streamer shots during the final segment.  Hand out 18” Airless Launchers filled with custom-colored confetti or 18” Airless Launchers filled with Metallic Streamers to all your models.  As they enter their final catwalk performance, have them flick the fun colors into the crowd all at once.  It’s like a show within a show and it is definitely a moment everyone will remember!

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we'll make the right product recommendation to add the "WOW!" effect to your fashion show.

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.