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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

The Real March Madness: Celebrating Sports Victories with Confetti!


Playing competitive college basketball is pretty great.  Playing college ball and winning a championship is really impressive.  Winning a college basketball championship and being congratulated a by rapid concession of confetti cannon shots and streamers?  The only way to describe this scenario is “WOW”!

That’s exactly how the University of Miami Hurricanes celebrated last year’s ACC victory.  After defeating the UNC Tar Heels, a traditional basketball powerhouse, the team rejoiced with an outrageous showing of Flutter FETTI confetti and streamers.  Check it out:

With plenty of tournaments underway and March Madness coming up in a matter of weeks, basketball celebrations will become the norm.  Teams will rise up, Cinderella stories will enthrall fans, and winners will be crowned.  To make your sports victory extra magical, highlight the moment with these confetti and streamer products:

  • Custom team-colored confetti – are your team colors blue and white?  What about black and yellow?  Many Flutter FETTI confetti products can be customized with your team colors to create a spirited celebration that really speaks to your fans, students and alumni!
  • 6” Continuous Flow Confetti Gerb Launcher – the largest of all confetti blowers, this machine pumps out a pound of confetti every second!  Watch a volcano of multi-colored confetti spew out above the stadium crowd as everyone jumps for joy to cheer on their hometown heroes!
  • Mega Blaster Launcher with 2” Barrel – this portable cannon uses the power of CO2 to shoot confetti and streamers high into the air!  As your mascot performs the victory dance, pull the trigger and stun the students with a frenzy of crazy antics and colors.  What a wild celebration it is!

There are plenty of other popular sporting event confetti products, including the stationary X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Launcher and the famous airless 14” Flutter FETTI Confetti Sticks.  With so many ways to celebrate, this year’s basketball victory will be one for the record books!

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we'll make the right product recommendation to add the "WOW!" effect to your March Madness celebration.

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Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.