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Throwing the Ultimate Theme Party at Your Nightclub or Bar – 10 Tips to Pack the Place


As a club owner or promoter, you’re always on the lookout for the next “It” event. Theme parties definitely pack the house and help generate return patrons.  The Flutter FETTI Team is here to make sure your Theme Party is unforgettable.

Read on for 10 tried and true tips that will have you in the red!

  1. Pick a Tremendous Theme – Go big or go home.Select a theme that your fits your nightclub or bar demographic. From an 80’s Dance Party, Mardi Gras, and Flower Power to Toga Parties and the Roaring 20’s, your theme needs to excite your clientele.
  2. Themed Drink Specials – Always coordinate your concoctions. For example, drink names like The Truffle Shuffle, Miami Vice, and Purple Rain are perfect for an 80’s theme party.
  3. Reserve a Table – Offer exclusive seating, the ability to jump the line, and receive a free shot with table reservations for parties of four or more.
  4. Confetti the Dance Floor or Stage - Take advantage of your dance floor’s central location and make it the place to be as the confetti flies! Your customers will love this special effect and it’s easy with our Hand Held Quarter Turn Confetti Launcher.
  5. Theme Costumes – Patrons who dress the part receive free (or discounted) admission or swag.
  6. DJ or Band – Make sure your tunes are on track.No reggae music on “Heavy Metal Monday”. Have your playlist set before the big night!
  7. Swag Sells – Everyone loves a little swag! Include beads, wristbands, or an exclusive event t-shirt with the cover charge.
  8. Lady Love – Chivalry goes a long way and creates a long line! No charge admission for ladies before 10 p.m.
  9. Capture the Moment – Have a staff photographer snapping candid pics of your party goers. Add your company logo at the bottom of each picture (many use the Watermark feature) and post on Facebook and other social media sites.
  10. Promote like a Boss – Get the word out through word of mouth, social media, flyers, and your website.Connect with local “Event Happening” websites and list your theme night details.

Did you know you can RENT our Quarter Turn Launcher (Just $20.00 filled with tissue Flutter FETTI) or our Baby Gerb (Just $160.00 plus the confetti)?  Renting launchers is an affordable solution for making a big impact!

Attribution: Top Middle Photo from: Returnofkings.com, Left Middle Row Photo from: pagasusanantonio.com, Middle Middle Row Image from: freakyglasses.nl, Left Bottom Row Photo from: oneenoly.nl, Middle Bottom Row Photo from: tipjunky.com

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