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Top 4 Planning Tips for Wedding Parties


Your wedding day is a day that you’ve dreamt of since you were little, but now it’s becoming the bane of your existence. Why? Because there’s always something getting added to your to-do or to-buy list! To help you out, we here at Flutter FETTI have compiled 4 basic wedding planning party tips that help prevent you from going broke or going crazy. Keep reading to save your pockets and your sanity!

For a full rundown of wedding tips, strategies, and essential to-do lists, check out our Ultimate Wedding Guide!

Wedding Party Planning Tip #1: Have an idea of what you want before you officially start planning.

To reduce frustration and stress, start writing down some ideas you have for the different parts of your wedding — before you meet with a wedding planner. It’ll save you money, because wedding planners generally charge by the projected amount of time they expect to spend your event, time that you’d spend going back and forth over details, and it’ll give you a sense of satisfaction knowing you had a hand in planning your wedding. So separate them by category — DJ/music, food, decorations, venues, etc.! Prior organization is a big help, and you’ll thank yourself when it’s all over.

Wedding Party Planning Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to tradition.

We’ve seen brides with black dresses and puppies as ring-bearers. What’s next? Ditch the rice! Ditch the doves! How about biodegradable wedding confetti? Make your wedding one to remember by adding a magical touch that will awe your guests. Confetti adds a special kind of glamour and excitement to any event, so expect your guests to be amazed. Confetti also makes for great, memorable wedding photos!

Wedding Party Planning Tip #3: Over-budgeting is always a good idea.

In any situation, especially wedding planning, it’ll do you some good to add some extra money to your budget, just in case! Maybe your dress came up to be a little more than you expected or you just want to add a little more of a “wow factor” to your reception. The extra money in your budget gives you more wiggle room, so go for it! Want to add sparkles to every stitch of your dress? Or, even better, making your reception even more amazing than the Super Bowl? It’s YOUR day. Make it special!

Wedding Party Planning Tip #4: Make it everything you’ve dreamed of.

Your wedding day can be as sweet, loving, and quirky as you want it to be. So if you want cakepops and cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, go for it! You want it all to end with an epic, confetti-filled dance battle? Make your wedding day a day to remember.

Planning a wedding can be hard — there are so many things you have to keep in mind! But it doesn’t have to be. To make your wedding not only run smoother but be more authentically yours, just follow our list. Let us help you have the wedding of your dreams! Whether you want biodegradable wedding confetti or want to have the most incredible reception ever, contact us at Flutter FETTI! We’re here to make your dreams come true.

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