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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Product Launch Event


You just created an incredible new software system, invented a car that flies, or came up with a potato chip that is crispier than crisp.  Whatever it is, we know how much time and sweat you put into creating a new product because we do it all the time too!  Well, every new product needs a product launch event – a proper introduction to help your potential customers know how awesome it is – and you need to make a big splash with the customers, company, fans, and media.

We’ve participated in countless product launch events in the past and we know what makes one successful.  Here are a few tips from the experts at Flutter FETTI:

1.  Get everyone involved

Some companies have less than 10 employees to consider, but imagine if you have over 100, or maybe even 1,000.  If you’re going to launch your product, you need support from everyone in the office.  Send out an email to all employees giving details of the product, the launch time, and the benefits to the consumer.  Better yet, give everyone an edible gift before launch day (a small chocolate or cookie) and attach a little note to each one explaining the product and plans.  Once you have everyone’s attention, it’s easier to get involvement and broadcast your product to the world.

2.  Choose one day and one location

Of course, a product launch needs an official start date and an official launch pad.  It can be any day you choose and anywhere you want – at an annual trade show, online, at a concert, or even in the office.  Just make sure you find the one that works for your product and where your customers will get the biggest exposure.  Don’t do that thing where you build up momentum slowly, because it never works.  That’s why you need to…

3.  Make it something to remember!

Product launches are supposed to be fun and exciting!  This is where we help and why we love product launches.  We hate (ok, that’s a strong word, we detest) when companies launch a product and there’s no enthusiasm involved.  C’mon people, it’s a product launch, so launch it!  You can do it our way with a big bang of confetti launchers and/or streamers at your event (we always suggest 14” Confetti Sticks to involve everyone, a massive Confetti Drop using our Continuous Flow Gerbs to cover the whole room, or our X-6 launchers shooting 2" x 40' metallic streamers over one hundred feet into the air!).  You can also try a different tactic like a humorous viral video, free t-shirts, or other attention-grabbing giveaways.  So don’t just say you have a new product, show it off!

4.  Utilize all your marketing channels

When leading up to the event and on the big day, sometimes people like to focus on the big things, like only promoting your new product at the annual trade show or focusing your efforts only online.  However, product launch events require a full-scale effort and should be trumpeted on every single marketing channel possible (even if just a small sound bite).  Utilize traditional media channels, like direct mail, magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV.  Cover your online channels, such as email, your homepage and blog, PPC ads, and social media sites.  Remember those less common channels too, including press releases, trade show fliers, and even highway billboards.  There’s so many to remember – sometimes even we forget!

5.  Support, support, support

Some people like to think that once a product launch event is complete, their job is done.  No way!  New products need endless support like anything else you do.  Once the day is done, you have to continually remind your customers about the new product via all the marketing channels mentioned above.  Send out follow-up emails, provide product advice blogs and videos, run more ads, share testimonials, and give some trial discounts too.  Don’t let the good momentum slide into oblivion.  Keep up the hard work – it’ll pay off in the end, we promise!

About Flutter FETTI®: Flutter FETTI is an innovator, manufacturer, and worldwide distributor of confetti and streamer products.  Our mission is to bring excitement and joy into every special event in your life.  Contact one of our confettiologists and we'll make the right product recommendation to add the "WOW!" effect to your product launch event.

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