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Unique Proposal Ideas


You’ve found the one. You’ve bought the ring. And now it’s time to pop the question – but how? A proposal should be truly memorable, so pull out all the stops with a unique proposal idea! Here’s a little inspiration:

Try Something Subtle

If the love of your life is the quiet, homebody type, they need a proposal as chilled out as they are. So go for a proposal idea at home that is subtle, yet super romantic – like a secret message in your house just for them.

Get some fridge magnets that resemble letters or words, and then write “will you marry me?” on the door. The next time your love goes looking for a snack, be ready to bust out the ring and start celebrating!

Have A Night Out – While Staying In

This proposal idea is particularly great for introverted couples, but it can be fun for anyone! Picture this: your partner comes home after a long day, to discover that a beautiful evening awaits them from the comfort of home.

Instead of home cooking, you’ve hired a private chef. Instead of the usual dining room, you’ve decorated with candles and roses. And instead of the usual evening in, this one ends with a proposal that will change their life!

Get Artistic

Asking someone to marry you is a momentous occasion. So, why not have a souvenir to remember the moment? This proposal idea takes some pre-planning, but the end result is totally worth it.

Take your loved one to a park where a caricature artist is working. Ask the artist to draw you both (you’ll have talked to them beforehand, of course). Instead of copying your poses in the moment, the final portrait will feature you on one knee. Then, as the drawing is revealed, take out the ring and complete the tableau!

Include The Family

Your proposal isn’t just an exciting moment for you and your intended; it’s also a big deal for both your families! Get everyone involved in this exciting event by planning a surprise engagement party – complete with confetti – for your wedding proposal.

Take your love out for a romantic picnic in the park or at evening at their favorite restaurant. But when you get there – surprise! All your nearest and dearest are there, with big smiles on their faces. Take that moment to pop the question, and when they say yes, pop the champagne and let the confetti fly!

Add A Touch of Drama

This proposal idea can be hard to pull off, but if it works, it’s completely breathtaking. Plan to take your date for a night on the town, complete with a play, concert, or another fun live show. A few weeks before the big night, call the venue you’re visiting and ask for a favor.

Enjoy the concert with the love of your life – and then up the ante when the curtain falls. Hop up on the stage (with the venue’s permission, of course) and pop the question. Trust us, this is one concert they won’t forget!

Of course, the key to any proposal idea is that you choose something that your intended will enjoy. So think about what they like, let those creative juices flow, and don’t forget the confetti for your wedding proposal!

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