You’ve worked all year long to make your event special – so, make it spectacular! When it comes to creating an event that is going to draw in a lot of people, create a solid experience, and engrave the day into the minds of your attendees for years to come, you need to go further and do something bigger. Flutter FETTI is the solution for you.

Our seasonal event effect confetti is just what you need to have an incredible experience. Open your event with an impressive statement. A big bang of Flutter FETTI launching over everyone is the best way to get people instantly excited. It’s done using our Co2 cylinders that are capable of sending fluttering confetti high into the air above the crowd of people. It gets them ready and super pumped to start off the event. You can choose from a wide range of products and colors to make it an impressive experience, including our Special Effects products. Season event confetti can be incredible!

The Perfect Seasonal Event Effect Confetti

Our seasonal event confetti works for all types of events. You’ve worked hard to plan these events, why not make them even more special? Our clients have used Flutter FETTI for big events, including:

Baby gender reveal events
Birthday parties
Mardi Gras celebrations
Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations
Outdoor festivals of all sizes and types
Valentine’s Day events
St. Patrick’s Day events including parades
Pride parades
Grand openings
Political rally parades and events
Church celebrations
Easter Sunday celebrations
Fourth of July spectaculars
College and university graduations
New Year’s Eve events and so much more!

Every time Flutter FETTI’s products are falling from the sky, they are energizing your crowd and getting them excited for what’s to come or what’s happening. Check out all of our Special Effects Flutter FETTI to really take things to the next level.

Work with Event Strategies to Plan Your Flutter FETTI Event

We know this event is a big deal, and that’s why our event strategies and Confettiologists are here to help you. We can help you design the perfect event confetti for the experience. This includes decorative confetti products, custom color schemes, and numerous styles. You can also choose our products for both indoor and outdoor events.

All of our tissue products are biodegradable, which means they do not harm the planet. Plus our tissue and PVC metallic products  are flame proof so they won’t burn even if they fall on a candle.  Even better, they are designed to be easy to clean up.

What are you celebrating? If you’re hosting a food, wine, and film festival, an arts event, or any other type of experience, we want to work closely with you to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind experience that is going to dazzle your event’s attendees. That “WOW” feeling is hard to get today, but when you incorporate Flutter FETTI products into your experience, you are sure to impress everyone there.

Talk to us about seasonal event confetti and streamers and how we can personalize them for you – you can even add your logo or a special message to our metallic streamers. Make your event come to life with a color scheme that fits. From Hand-Flick launchers, Hand Held Co2 launchers to our continuous flow launchers, (877) 321-1999 we have an option that is perfect for your experience.