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Confetti by FlutterFETTI

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Outdoor Events


Confetti For Outdoor Events:

Parades, Outdoor Concerts, Weddings, Fairs

Note: We recommend using only tissue products outdoors because they are biodegradable and will not hurt the environment.


  • CONTINUOUS FLOW "GERB" LAUNCHER - Disperses 1 pound of confetti per second. The number of Gerbs required outdoors would depend on the amount of space you want covered and the size of the Gerb (3" or 6") you would need.
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED X-6 ELECTRIC LAUNCHER - The launcher has two barrels on it so you get double the product for each shot. the number of launchers you would require would depend on the amount of space you wanted covered.
  • MASTER BLASTERS - 1 per every 10 feet positioned around main arena or stage area.
  • 14" CONFETTI STICKS - 1 per each guest
  • 18" AIRLESS LAUNCHER - (filled with Flutter FETTI) 1 per each VIP guest.
  • SWISHER POLITICAL FETTI® - 1 per each "Political Rally" guest filled with Red, White and Blue Flutter FETTI® with coordinating colored Metallic PomPoms at the end of each tube.
  • FIRECRACKLERS® - A safe alternative to traditional fireworks. With the simple "flick of the wrist" watch Red and Yellow Flutter FETTI flutter and float high into the air with crackling "snappers", adding a great special effect. Recommended for outdoor use ONLY and for us on hard concrete floors.

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For other scenarios, call and ask for our Senior Confettiologists or FETTI® Lady Ronee Holmes for specific recommendations! Toll Free: 877-321-1999.


All prices are in USD Copyright 2017 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.
Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they come become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.