18″ Airless “Hand Flick” Launcher Half Filled with Metallic Streamers No Co2 Required


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Product Description

18″ Airless “Hand Flick” Launcher Half Filled with Metallic Streamers
No Co2 Required

Generally when you want to shoot Metallic Streamers you need to use a Co2 launcher. We offer many different types of Co2 launchers, but we also offer our remarkable “Airless Confetti Launchers” filled on one side of the tube with Flame Proof Metallic Streamers. These are the most UNIQUE Streamer Launchers in the Confetti Industry! The reason they are unique is they are powered by the “Flick of your Wrist.”

When you hold the empty end of the tube and point it straight up into the air and begin flicking the tube stopping at 12:00 high the streamers can fly 25′ to 30′ high into the air providing an amazing “Special Effect” without using Co2.

Since Flutter FETTI® invented these Airless Launchers we are the ONLY COMPANY CERTIFIED TO MANUFACTURE THEM!

We use a special PVC film to make our Airless Launchers, plus we use Proprietary Manufacturing Specifications to make them. That’s why they work the first time EVERYTIME! They will easily fly out of the tubes and hang in the air for a long time when you use them.

When your order arrives be sure the outside of the box has the “Flutter FETTI Certified Authentic Product Sticker” on it otherwise it’s not an authentic Flutter FETTI product.

Often a venue won’t allow confetti in their facility so offer to use these Airless launchers filled with Metallic Streamers since they are very easy to clean up. Each streamer is 10′ long and often your guests will pick them up and put them around their necks as they dance the night away.

Just be sure the venue has a high ceiling since the streamers can fly high into the air. If it doesn’t have a high ceiling use our 9″ Airless Launchers filled with Metallic Streamers instead. These work perfectly in a lower ceiling.

We will even custom color the Metallic streamers to match your events color scheme. Plus there’s NO minimum order required. Order as many or as few as you’d like. You can choose up to 8 metallic colors which are shown on this page.

Please click on the YouTube video link to see the 18” Airless Launcher filled with Metallic Streamers In action. The streamers in this video are made from a piece of metallic film which has 8 colors on both sides of it. It’s my favorite film which we carry in our factory.

Flutter FETTI products are proudly “Handmade” in the USA.

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WARNING: Do not point, flick, or fling toward anyone when using.

Caution: Do not fire launchers loaded with Metallic Streamers outside near any overhead wires, for our PVC streamers conduct electricity. If our streamers land on 2 power lines, you run the risk that they may short out the nearest fuse or transformer.

If you want to shoot streamers outside, please use our Tissue Streamers with one of our Co2 Launchers. Our Tissue Streamers are flame proof and do not conduct electricity.

U.S. Patent #6,692,335

Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.

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