18″ Speed Load Tube of Tissue Flutter FETTI® Confetti (Custom Colors)


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Product Description


18″ Speed Load Tube of Tissue Flutter FETTI® Confetti
Designed for easy loading in a Co2 Launcher Barrel

No more delays in trying to cut open a skinny sleeve to remove the tissue confetti into your launcher barrel.  Our 18” Flutter FETTI Speed Load tubes are designed for easy loading.

Each 7/8′ X 18” speed load confetti tube is filled with 8 partially-wrapped packs of rectangular-shaped tissue confetti. We partially wrap the packs to make them stay together when they are shot out of a launcher barrel then when they reach their peak in the air they explode with color, fun, and excitement.

Our hard plastic speed load confetti tubes are super easy to use! Simply remove either plastic cap from the tube, and pour the tissue confetti into one of our Co2 launcher barrels. When released, the confetti flies through the air before fluttering and cascading downward. Our confetti hangs in the air much longer than traditional confetti, spreading smiles everywhere. giving your guests plenty of time to ooh and ahh. The tissue paper used in our speed load confetti tubes is biodegradable and flame-retardant.

You now can CUSTOM COLOR the tissue Flutter FETTI to coordinate with the color scheme of your event.

Simply click on up to 10 colors from the chart above and we’ll include all those colors in your speed load tube.

There is a 10 tube minimum for CUSTOM COLOR Speed Load tubes of tissue Flutter FETTI.

There is NO MINIMUM FOR MULTICOLOR of WHITE Speed Load tubes of tissue Flutter FETTI

No party is complete without our FUN-filled Flutter FETTI confetti tubes! Our 18” Speed Load Tubes of Tissue Confetti are designed to be loaded into a Co2 launcher, such as our Master Blaster Confetti Launcher, our Quarter Turn Launcher, our X-6 Electric Launcher and our 9-Barrel Pod Launcher.

Packed full of fun Excite Delight your guests and create long-lasting memories as Flutter FETTI confetti defies gravity and floats, flutters, and flies through the air with a floating, fluttering shower of confetti. Our confetti tubes are perfect for every type of celebration imaginable, including concerts, festivals, sporting events, graduations, weddings and more!

Our 18” Speed Load tubes offer Spectacular Photo Opportunities at your event!

When planning your special day, it goes without saying that you want phenomenal photos. Our 18” Speed load Confetti Tubes provide fantastic visual effects. A beautiful shower of our aero-dynamic confetti creates some of the most brilliant photos one can imagine.

Tissue Confetti Launcher Accessories Required for Use

With our Tissue Confetti Speed Load Tubes, you’ll be able to have fun and delight your guests. But, you’ll still need a few additional components before you’re ready:

A Co2 Launcher – Use one mentioned above


9” or 18” Speed Load tube of Flutter FETTI – Use how many it would take to fill up your Launcher Barrel –
Our tissue Flutter FETTI Speed Load tubes are all hand made in the USA.

Compression Caps

Compression Tape

Co2 (Our Master Blaster, X-6 Launcher and 9 Barrel POD required 16 gram threaded Co2 per shot)

Co2 (Our Quarter Turn Launcher requires a 12 gram threaded Co2 cylinder)

Flutter FETTI’s mission is to bring excitement and joy to every special event in your life! Contact one of our Confettiologists and we’ll make the right product recommendation to add the “WOW!” factor to your celebration. Do you work in the event industry? Contact us for wholesale pricing. 877-321-1999.

Order your 18” Speed Load Tubes of Tissue Confetti, and confetti launcher essentials from Flutter FETTI today!

If the box your 18” Speed Load tube arrive in doesn’t have the CERTIFIED FLUTTER FETTI seal on the outside of the box then it isn’t an authentic Flutter FETTI product!

All prices are in USD Copyright 2018 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.

Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they come become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.

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