2” x 10” Sleeve of Tissue Die Cut 2” Stars (Custom Colors)


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Product Description


We’re now packaging our 2″ die cut stars in 2″ X 10″ poly bag sleeves for easy use. We designed them to shoot out of our Mega Blaster launcher which has a 2″ barrel and is 24″ long. So you can either put in one 2″ X 10″ sleeve or two of them to have more stars in the air although there are approximately 4,734 die cut tissue stars in each sleeve. You’ll notice our die cut stars have pointed edges on them which look like stars unlike our competitors stars made in China which have rounded edges on them.

Our Mega Blaster Launcher can shoot the stars approximately 35′ high into the air and 15′ wide. The reason is our Mega Blaster launcher can shoot the stars so high is because it uses our U.S. Patented piercing unit on our trigger unit. We received a U.S. patent for this trigger unit because of its unique design which is more powerful than any other piecing unit in the industry. The barrel of the piercing unit is 8″ and is long so once you pierce it with the 16 gram threaded Co2 cylinder it escapes into the barrel and warms up making a strong force of Co2 when you shoot the stars out of the barrel. Also, the piercing unit won’t leak. So you can screw in the Co2 long before you need to fire the launcher and it will still work.

Accessories needed to use our Mega Blaster Launcher are the following:

– 1 or 2 Sleeves of 2″ X 10″ Die Cut Tissue Stars

– 1- 16 Gram threaded Co2 cylinder

– 1- 2 1/4″ Compression Cap sold by the bag. (20 pieces per bag)

– 1-2 1/4″ Lifting foam sold by the bag (20 pieces per bag)

– 1 Roll of paper Compression Tape

If you rent the Mega Blaster then it will come prefilled with our 2″ die cut tissue stars with the lifting foam inside of the launcher barrel and the compression adhered to the top of the barrel with the paper compression tape plus a 16 gram threaded Co2 cylinder. So it’s ready to fire. Or you can buy the Mega Blaster launcher with the accessories then use it many times for your events.

Since we use our die cutting machine in our factory in the USA we can “custom color” the die cut stars you want to order. You can choose up to 8 colors of tissue to match your event’s decor. So please be sure to choose the colors you want.


Remember to check your shipping box when it arrives for the CERTIFIED FLUTTER FETTI® PRODUCT STICKER on the outside of the box to be sure it’s an AUTHENTIC FLUTTER FETTI PRODUCT!

All prices are in USD Copyright 2021 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.

Disclaimer:Note some 2″ Die Cut Tissue Star confetti are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet Die Cut Tissue Stars immediately upon discharge. Some of our tissue colors don’t stain. Call us to discuss the tissue colors that don’t stain.


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