Bat Mitzvah / Bar Mitzvah

Suggested Bat Mitzvah Confetti Products:

After all the training and preparation for a young person to finally make their Bat or Bar Mitzvah it’s time to have a BIG CELEBRATION in their honor.  Flutter FETTI offers a WIDE VARIETY of products which will delight the honoree and all their guests. Our products are affordable and very easy to use yet they offer a BIG WOW! EFFECT during the celebration.
We suggest (if your ceilings are low 9’ to 10’ high) having the waiters  pass out our 6” “Hand Flick” Flutter FETTI tubes or our 14” tubes (if the ceilings are high 12’ to 15’ high)  to all the guests on trays.  Then have the DJ tell everyone when and how to use them so when the honoree enters the hall everyone can Shower him or her with Excitement and Fun!  There are approximately 850 pieces of Flutter FETTI in a 6” tube and 4,200 pieces of Flutter FETTI in a 14” tube.  Showering these over the honoree will surprise everyone and the honoree will feel extra special!
When the honoree is raised on the chair and everyone circles around them we suggest you use our 9” Mozel Tov Swisher  tubes  filled with Metallic Streamers.  Once again these are very easy to use.  Simply hold the pompom in your hand, raise your arm up high and flick the tube with your wrist until all 10 of the streamers fly out of the tube showering the honoree and the guests with beautiful Metallic Streamers.
While the guests are dancing, use our Baby Gerb which  can shoot 1 lb (19,500 pieces of tissue in one pound, 11,900 of Metallic in 1 lb) over the dance floor, amazing the guests as they dance  the night away.  If your event is held in a hall where there is “Black Light” be sure to order our Bulk Neon Flutter FETTI which will "glow in the dark" under Black Light.  A Super Cool effect on the dance floor!
If your venue has tall ceilings use our 18” Airless Launchers which can shoot Metallic Streamers 25’ to 35’ high into the air with the "Flick of the Wrist."  Our 18” Airless launchers come prefilled with Metallic Streamers, Metallic Streamers with Circular pieces of tissue we call Bubbles, or Metallic Streamers with Metallic Flutter FETTI.  These will Dazzle your guests as the streamers unroll in the air and either tissue Bubbles or Metallic Flutter FETTI flutters, flies and floats out of each streamers.  Our 18” Airless launchers are filled with 16 Streamers at both ends (32 streamers in the tube) so be sure to turn the tube over and Flick again since there are 2 shots per tube.

To operate our “Hand Flick tubes” hold either end of the tube then hold your arm straight up into the air. Then with the simple “flick of your wrist” flick the tube stopping at 12:00 high.  Keep flicking until all the Flutter FETTI Confetti or the Streamers fly out of the tube.  The Flutter FETTI will flutter, fly and float and slowly float out of the tube creating Magic and Fun in the Air!

If you have any questions about our great products, or if you’re interested in getting a recommendation on which of our FABULOUS PRODUCTS to use at your Bat or Bar Mitzvah please call one of our Confettiologists toll free at 877-321-1999.  We'll be glad to assist you in making a selection from our Great Bat and Bar Mitzvah products.

WARNING: Do not point, flick, or fling toward anyone when using our products.

Disclaimer: Some Flutter FETTI products when saturated with any liquid and under pressure may bleed color, and Flutter FETTI® cannot guarantee that it will not do so. If any liquid will or may be present at an event, please consult with us so we can assist you in choosing water-safe FETTI® products.

Remember if your shipping box doesn’t have the Flutter FETTI Official Product Seal on the outside of the box it’s NOT an Authentic Certified Flutter FETTI  product!

U.S.Patent Pending on our Hand Flick Products