Why Flutter FETTI's X6 Version 3 Electric Launcher is the ONLY WAY TO GO!

We listened to our clients and have made many changes on our X6 launchers.  Consequently, we call it the X6 Version 3 which includes the new changes we have made.  It now has evolved into an almost perfect confetti/streamer launcher. It's capable of shooting 2”X 40’ metallic streamers over 120' high into the air.
The new version is 40% lighter, 20% stronger and 20% more powerful. It can be configured several ways from floor mount to truss mount. In fact it can be configured in 6 different ways hence the name X6.  This cannon sets a new standard in Aerial Arts.
Plus it uses our U.S. Patented #10,222,169 B2 Piercing unit.  Once the Co2 cylinder is screwed into the piercing unit the Co2 has held for months!  They don't leak so if your event includes a truss where you need to hang our X6V3 launchers and the show isn't for several days you can actually screw in the Co2 into our amazing piercing units  while the truss is lowered then once the truss is raised the launchers will shoot off guaranteed!
The X-6 Version 3 launcher is hand made in the USA.

You’ll see that the large streamers can shoot out in 2 ways. Either straight out or in a starburst configuration.
If we are pre-loading your launcher barrel please let us know which way you want the streamers to fly.

The X6V3 is compatible with your DMX system.



If you're looking for a "Huge Effect" using confetti and streamers that simulates a firework display WITHOUT the danger of fireworks look no further.  Renting or purchasing our 9 Barrel POD is your answer. Our 9-Barrel POD remote confetti cannon will shoot our 2" x 40' large streamer and confetti products 85' into the air in various pre-programmed sequences. The video of the 9 Barrel POD in action was filmed in the Louisiana SuperDome where the ceilings are 85' high.

A programmable, on-board microprocessor can be programmed to fire off all the barrels at once or in a staggered firing configuration. You can even link POD units together for extended programs. If your ceilings aren't that high, then we can load the 9 barrels with our speed load tubes of products, and they will go 35' high in the POD. Whatever you load into this remote confetti cannon, we GUARANTEE the 9-Barrel POD will excite your audience with this incredible confetti shooter.
The 9 Barrel POD is compatible with your DMX system.

Every barrel uses our  (Co2 Piercing Unit) which is protected by U.S. Patent #10,222,169 B2


We have been working on reconfiguring our battery operated table top launchers and finally we've found a unique solenoid valve which is working perfectly with our retrofitted units and they are ready to offer our clients.

SO FINALLY, we have an affordable battery-operated small tabletop remote control confetti cannon for rent.  You can rent them with either a push button control unit (when using 1 table top launcher) or a wireless transmitter to use when firing multiple table top launchers.   Our transmitter has a unique numeric code to prevent misfires. Our transmitter can be programmed to fire multiple small tabletop remote control confetti cannons off at once or in a staggered firing configuration.

Your guests will be surprised and “WOWED!" as the battery-operated tabletop confetti launcher explodes with magic and fun! Another fabulous Flutter FETTI® product to make you, the Event Planner, "dazzle" in your client's eyes!

Consider putting a small tabletop remote control confetti cannon in all the centerpieces at a Wedding, Nightclub or Casino or Bat Mitzvah. Or at your next stage production position them down stage and fire Silver Metallic Flutter FETTI in the barrels which will simulate a “sparkler" special effect. Or in a Nightclub hide one under a napkin on a tray so when the BIG BOTTLE is presented to the guest the table top explodes showering the guest and his friends with added excitement!