Suggested Streamers Confetti Products:

Since Flutter FETTI products are custom made in our factory in the USA we can make any size streamer you require to fit into your launcher barrel and to shoot out as far as you need.
If you don't see the particular size streamer offered on our website please call us toll free at 877-321-1999 to discuss the width and size streamer you require.

Besides using biodegradable flame proof tissue and the thinnest lightest weight Metallic to make our streamers, we offer many other Styles of Streamers which are very colorful, exciting and fun as they unroll in the air. We make these varieties of streamers for our Airless (No Co2 required) launchers and our Co2 launchers in many different sizes.

The following is a description of the Wide Variety of Streamer "Special Effects" which we offer;

Metallic Streamers with Bubbles - When looking for an effect that offers a Fun-Loving Special Effect look no further. You found it by using Streamers with Bubbles. As each Metallic Streamer unrolls in the air Circular pieces of Tissue (we call Bubbles) slowly float out of each streamer adding an amazing enjoyable effect in the air.

Metallic Streamer with FETTI - This is MY MOST FAVORITE STREAMER EFFECT! The reason is as each Metallic Streamer unrolls in the air Metallic Flutter FETTI slowly flutters, flies and floats out of each streamer offering a "FIREWORKS" Special Effect! Just Exhilarating in the Air!

Metallic FETTI Strips - These are 6" streamers which when shot out of our Hand Flick Launchers or our Co2 Launchers they curl up and look like Twinkling Stars as they slowly float downward. This is a perfect streamer for low ceilings. I even shot our 18" Airless "Hand Flick" Streamers filled with FETTI strips in a 10' high ceiling in my Mother's Assisted Living Home and everyone thought it was a Thrilling Special Effect!

Diamond Cut Streamers - Diamond cut streamers are cut at an angle and when they unroll in the air you have Diamond after Diamond Shapes flying through the air! An Electrifying Special Effect! Many balloon professionals order them cut into various widths and lengths then they put them inside of balloons adhering them to the ceilings. When the balloon pops the Diamond Shaped Streamers fall out of the balloon adding an canopy of streamers hanging from the ceiling offering a Fun Surprise to the audience!

Metallic and Tissue Breakaways - When you want a Dazzling Special Effect choose our Breakaways! Breakaways are 12" streamers that when they are shot out of a Launcher 40-60 Pieces of the Breakaways Burst into the Air! Breakaways are available in a combination of Tissue and Metallic as shown on our website, plus if you call us we can make them in all Metallic Breakaways. An Electrifying Special Effect!

Streamers in Tissue or Metallic Film - As stated above we can cut eco-friendly and flame proof Tissue streamers and Metallic flame proof streamers any size you require. We use the thinnest lightest weight metallic film available in the marketplace which enables our streamers to fly high into the air and slowly float downward. To order special size tissue or metallic streamers we'll need to know the diameter and length of your launcher barrel. Call us toll free at 877-321-1999 to get a quote.

All our Tissue and Metallic Streamers are hand made in our factory in Largo, Florida USA

Our Metallic Streamers are so beautiful that many of your guests will pick them up and wear them around their necks as they dance the night away at your event.

Caution: Do not fire launchers loaded with Metallic Streamers outside near any overhead wires for our PVC streamers conduct electricity. If our metallic streamers land on 2 power lines, you run the risk that they may short out the nearest fuse or transformer. If you want to shoot streamers outside please order our tissue streamers, which are flame-retardant and do not conduct electricity.

Remember if your shipping box doesn't have the Flutter FETTI Official Product Seal on the outside of the box it's NOT an Authentic Certified Flutter FETTI product!


Disclaimer: Note some streamer products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet streamers immediately upon discharge.

All prices are in USD Copyright 2020 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.