The Secret is out for Sporting Event Celebrations.  Flutter FETTI confetti is the standard to make it a Special, Exciting and Memorable Event!

For any sports event, the goal is to make the experience memorable, over the top, and incredible for every person there. Have you considered Flutter FETTI's sporting event confetti?

Where Have You Seen Flutter FETTI Before?

The Final Four, The Super Bowl, FIFI World Cup, and hundred of other big named sporting events.  But just because the Big-Boys use Flutter FETTI does't mean you can't.  Flutter FETTI "FanFETTI" will get your High School and College fans fired up and stomping at the game, or firing up your students at a pep rally during the day against that big rival school is imperative. With Flutter FETTI, you bring the excitement to them.

At each one of those sporting events listed above, you noticed the confetti raining down on the fans and the field after the final score and time elapsed. If you’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this type of experience, you already know just how heart-pounding it can be.

Sporting Event Flutter FETTI Confetti Options.

It’s easy to make Flutter FETTI a custom solution for your sporting event. Choose your team’s colors to make sure they get the point that you are one team united with a single goal.

You can use our "Hand Flick" Swishers or our 14" Confetti Sticks loaded with Tissue Flutter FETTI confetti in your team's colors. Or choose our 18" Airless launchers loaded with 32 of our Metallic Streamers which will fly out of the tubes 25' to 30'

every time your team scores.  Swishers have your team's colors in our POMPOM'S  at the end of the tubes. These will have fans cheering with pride at each one of the events you host.

Make sure your cheerleaders and mascots have ample Flutter FETTI products to use during their Pep Rallies and Games.  This is done with ease – and ample safety – to keep fans excited about what’s going on. If you have trouble getting home town teams to cheer loud enough, empower your mascot and cheerleaders to do so with Flutter FETTI products.

Make Halftime shows and special grand finales possible using Flutter FETTI products. This allows your team to host a professional-level sporting event without any of the hassles.

How Does It Work?

For any sporting event, safety is a big concern, but Flutter FETTI products very easy to use. The 9-Barrel POD, resembles the effects of fireworks, without the hazards, as they shoot out Metallic Streamers with Metallic Flutter FETTI 85' into the air.  Our X-6 Version 3 Electric Remote Launchers do all of the work by shooting 2" X 40' metallic or tissue streamers 110 feet into the air.  Both of these launchers are compatible with your DMX system.

Imagine using our 3" or 6"  Continuous Flow blowers. These take things to the next level by pumping one pound per second of confetti out over the crowd. Also, these launchers are compatible with your DMX system.

The Flutter FETTI Team shot 2,000 lbs of all white Tissue Corkscrews in 20 Continuous Flow blowers in Madrid, Spain blowing the crowd away with this incredible Special Effect as the Corkscrews spiraled downward covering the entire stadium.

If you’re hosting any type of sporting event, our Confettiologists are here to help you choose the right products for your event. It’s so easy to create this type of excitement, magic and memories!  Amaze your fan.  "WOW!" them with Flutter FETTI FAN FETTI confetti products!

The Flutter FETTI team is here to help make your sporting event SPECTACULAR!

Contact  one of our Confettiologists at (877) 321-1999 for customized suggestions for your sporting event confetti effect! If you have questions about any product or are ready to set it up, call us now for a free quote.