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The Best “Hand Flick” Confetti Sticks, Co2 Launchers (Hand Held and Electric), & Continuous Flow Launchers

At Flutter FETTI, we specialize in adding that “WOW” factor to parties and events of all sizes! From our exciting , streamers, and more, the party doesn’t start until our signature Flutter FETTI confetti flutters, flies, and floats in the air!

From kaleidoscopic colors to the magical way it flutters, flies and floats, Flutter FETTI is designed to make special occasions and events truly unforgettable. Whether you’re interested in our launchers, streamers, or confetti sticks, Flutter FETTI is guaranteed to bring fun and excitement to any occasion. Whether you’re gearing up for a Big Concert of Production or if you’re celebrating a Wedding, Birthday, or Graduation, Flutter FETTI confetti party decorations online will add a “ spectacular" memorable moment to your event!

We have unbeatable confetti launchers and equipment that’ll turn any Concert, Major League Game, Festival, or Parade into the event of the year! Or, if you’re celebrating with friends or family, we have convenient "hand-flick" tubes perfect for low ceiling events that bring an element of magic to your event with just a flick of the wrist!

We make it easy for you to Celebrate in Style! And that’s why Flutter FETTI confetti sticks, loose confetti, and streamers are specially designed to leave a lasting impression. Unlike standard confetti that stays in the air for just a few moments, Flutter FETTI soars above the crowd and hangs in the air ten times longer than other confetti brands and then slowly descends, creating a “Picture Perfect Moment” which your guests and party-goers won’t forget!

No Ordinary Confetti

Each piece of Flutter FETTI is Custom "Hand Made” in the USA using Proprietary Manufacturing Specifications for our signature rectangular, aerodynamic shape. From the moment someone triggers any one of our launchers Flutter FETTI is ready to take to the skies!

When Flutter FETTI hits the air, watch as your guests look on in wonder! And when your event is over - our confetti is specially designed for easy cleanup, even indoors! It’s also flame-proof and biodegradable. We even have “ instant dissolve” white tissue which will totally disappear when you hose it down. Both your guests and your party planning team will appreciate our product. Whatever event you may be planning, it can certainly benefit from using Flutter FETTI products and confetti sticks.

In addition, our Co2 launchers have a unique piercing unit that is so unusual we even applied for a US Patent. It holds Co2 for many days with no leaking! Our X-6 electric launcher can shoot our 2” X 40’ metallic Streamers over 100’ into the air. Plus both our X-6 electric launchers and Continuous Flow Blowers use a valve which is now compatible with DMX.

Quality and Customer Service

At Flutter FETTI, we take great pride in having been part of some of the most incredible shows and events overs the years. We’ve provided our high-flying confetti to theme parks like Universal Studios, Disney Land, Sea World, Dollywood, and Busch Gardens. We’ve rained down on crowds at many sporting events, festivals and nightclubs. You’ve seen Flutter FETTI at both the Republican and Democratic Conventions. Flutter FETTI is in many movies like The Sorcerer's Apprentice and in many TV commercials. We’ve supplied Flutter FETTI products to many World-famous artist’s Concerts like Paul McCartney, AC/DC, Guns and Rose, Toby Keith and Taylor Swift just to name a few. We’ve even had our Broadway debut!

But, this doesn’t mean that our bulk confetti , confetti sticks, and confetti launchers are for big events only. At Flutter FETTI, there is no minimum order (accept on a few confetti custom colors products) so you can get as much or as little confetti as you need for your event. And when you buy from us, you’ll also get access to our world-class customer service. We truly care about you! We GUARANTEE on-time delivery of our online confetti party decorations for your event date.

Want To Learn More?

Are you a wedding planner looking for quality confetti sticks? Are you a school administrator gearing up for graduation? A Concert Tour Production Manager looking to add GUARANTEED excitement at your artists finale? Parents trying to give your kids birthday party some razzle dazzle? Whatever the occasion, our expert confettiologists are here to help you! We will help you find the perfect Flutter FETTI confetti sticks, launching equipment, and more for your occasion, as well as confetti launchers to shoot them from. Plus our pricing beats all others for our quality confetti party decorations online!

When you contact Flutter FETTI. our brilliant and fun-loving team will talk you through everything you need for a great event. We’ll discuss colors, styles, launchers, pricing. We can even help you prepare for the future by buying confetti in bulk! We now offer a bulk white LOYALTY PROGRAM which you can join to get reduced pricing. Call (877) 321-1999 or email ronee@flutterfetti.com and see what exciting Flutter FETTI products and confetti sticks can add to your next event!

All prices are in USD Copyright 2020 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.
Disclaimer: Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.