I’m Ronee Holmes owner of Flutter FETTI. I’m so glad you found our new web site. I wanted to explain to you why you’ve chosen the BEST SITE FOR CONFETTI AND STREAMER “SPECIAL EFFECTS!”

In June of 2002, I purchased Flutter FETTI from Jim Watkins who invented all the confetti and streamer products you’ll find on this site. We called Jim the “Master Confettiologist” because he was constantly inventing more and greater products which anyone can use to Celebrate their "In Home" or "Big Events".

Ray Daug


A definite must for any special occasion Great Service, excellent communication; arrived on time and gave the wow factor we wanted. Thanks to the entire team for making this happen

#45 Bell Harbor Conference Center Director


The customer service from Parti Line International was above reproach. I received a quick and accurate estimate, follow up from the sales person, and active communication while I had their product.

The price was very reasonable and the product worked as advertised (outside of some slight user error). The team at Parti Line gave great instructions both on paper and over the phone and made themselves available at extensive hours.

A glowing recommendation for any business looking to utilize a confetti launcher/cannon on a limited or one time basis.

Brandalyn McNeill


We used the CO2 confetti launchers for our bridal photo shoot and it was amazing!! It added the perfect touch to our celebration photos. When launched in the air, you get a good 30 seconds to a minute of confetti falling.... great photo opportunities!! Ronee was so helpful in explaining how to use these correctly.

Since the confetti is tissue paper, the clean up was very quick and easy!! I highly recommend for any event!!

Katie B.


Fabulous!!!!! Best confetti ever! I was so excited about the confetti for my wedding. The flutter flickers were 100% better than I ever expected!! They were fun and made the BEST pictures. They almost make me want to get married again!!! I will tell everyone I know!

Maria B.


AMAZING Product LOVED the confetti sticks.!!!! The confetti was plentiful and projected high into the air and then gracefully floated down so the look was awesome. We used the sticks at the end of a fashion show and many audience members came up to us afterwards to ask where we had gotten them.. They were that AWESOME!!!! Also easy to clean up as the pieces of confetti were bigger and not those microscopic tiny pieces that get stuck in EVERYTHING

Kelly M.


Big results -- small change This is the third time I have used these particular launchers. They hold tons of confetti and streamers and unlike their CO2 powered counterparts, just about anyone -- even actors…:) -- can be taught to use them with absolutely no failure rate. I use them for effects in theatrical productions primarily, and the only issue we have ever had is distance. Often when a director wants to see the actors "flick" the wands, the confetti and streamers don't unfurl until they are almost off stage. The answer is that we have offstage crew do it --- so that the unfurling happens closer to center. It looks AWESOME! So keep in mind your distances from operator to where you want to see the effect. Perhaps ordering a smaller wand is the answer --- but we like the volume. They are extremely effective in outdoor venues -- where height is not an issue. And the tissue is biodegradable -- couldn't ask for a better product! Plus, the people are great -- helpful, quick shipping time --- really great company, really great products!

John M.


Airless Streamer Launchers were great For our production of "Mamma Mia", we needed streamers rather than confetti because we needed to be able to clean up quickly. The streamers worked great -- I can't believe how far and high they go! The effect was just what we wanted.

Michelle B.


You will LOVE these! We buy the 18” airless launchers with streamers in custom colors. For several years, we have used these launchers at a big event we do every year. They really add a colorful bang to our finale of the evening. We wouldn’t trade these for anything. So affordable and fun!

Robyn Allen


Excellent Customer Service I had a last minute request by a corporate client for a confetti cannon at their sales event. I had been thinking about investing in one anyway but hated to spend the money until I had booked it. I called Flutter Fetti who shipped the Continuous Flow Confetti Launcher out to me immediately and gave me their personal cell phone numbers in case I had any questions when I was setting up. They also emailed me a video link which showed me how to set the equipment up and how to use it. Piece of cake! It was easy to use and the Flutter Fetti staff were amazing to work with.



Flutter FETTI or how New Year's Eve was Never the same Friendly, Knowledgeable and Hard Working are some of the words that describes the staff at Flutter FETTI. For the past 7 years I have depended on the wonderful staff At Flutter FETTI for my New Year's Eve confetti needs and never once was I let down. Thank you Ronee for continuing to keep Jim Watkins's vision alive by creating new and creative ways to keep the world in FETTI. Thank you to the wonderful team of Confettiologists whose hard work ensures no orders goes unfulfilled no product has any flaws or defects.

Matt Hays


This is how all businesses should operate. Helpful people; product always arrives in perfect condition. ...can't ask for much else!

Michael Lamm

Operations and Logistics Manager - Pyro Engineering

We at Pyro Engineering greatly appreciate the service we have received over the last

five years with Parti Line International DBA Flutter Fetti Fun Factory. Their customer

service is above and beyond many of our vendors. We tend to have very large confetti

and streamer orders for the large music festival we provide these items to and they can

turn these orders around in a matter of a day or two if needed. I know when I contact

them I’m confident that they will fill my order in the short time allotted and it will be

delivered to a concert event or music festival on time.

Their pricing beats all other confetti and streamer providers that service us. They

continue to be my first call for my confetti and streamers needs. Ronee their CEO is

always a pleasure to speak to, she isn’t just another vendor to me she’s a friend and

someone I can count on.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in manufacturing products that work the first time EVERY TIME! All our products are “custom made” to fit exactly our client’s needs. Our Customer Service is outstanding. Our Launchers are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! No client is too big or to small for we manufacture products for any size event! We GUARANTEE our products will provide your audience with MEMORABLE MOMENTS! Call one of our Confettiologist today to get a recommendation on which of our products will “WOW!” your audience at your next event!

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Billion Pieces Sold

Our production manager, Dario Ferreria worked for our Master Confettiologist, Jim Watkins who started Flutter FETTI® in 1995.

Dario's been cutting Flutter FETTI for over 25 years! Keep in mind 1 pound of tissue Flutter FETTI®  has approximately 19,500 pieces!

Dario has easily cut over 52,000 lbs of Flutter FETTI in 25 years! Some concert tours alone purchase over 5,000 pounds per tour.  So Dario plus our other cutters who cut our tissue products have literally cut billions and billions of pieces of Flutter FETTI. WHY? Because Flutter FETTI adds FUN and EXCITEMENT to every event!

Clients Served

We're proud to announce that we have shipped Flutter FETTI® products to clients in EVERY State of the Union! We have 20,000 plus clients in our database and daily we receive requests for quotes and new clients who have heard about or seen our products.

Our client base increases almost daily since more and more folks either see our products at weddings, concert tours, political rallies, fairs and festivals and soon we'll have "Celebration of Life" retail products in over 45,000 retail stores!

Countries Worldwide

We ship Flutter FETTI® products WORLDWIDE and we proudly announce that now we've shipped to clients in 65 countries. The Internet helped made that happen. Clients find us on the Internet and they request quotes to ship our wide variety of products to them for their events.

Many stores worldwide also want to carry our products in their stores since their clients are asking for Flutter FETTI products.

If you live in a foreign country and want to receive Flutter FETTI products please email us your confetti and streamer needs and we'll send you a quote including a "discounted" FEDEX international shipping price.

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