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Learn About Our Confetti Launchers & Confetti Cannons!

Flutter FETTI Confetti Is No Ordinary Confetti!

How to describe Flutter FETTI? It flutters and floats. It dances and twists. Flutter FETTI is engineered to stay in the air up to TEN TIMES longer than ordinary confetti, creating a tremendous, dazzling effect. With its special rectangular, aerodynamic shape, it virtually defies gravity as it floats, flutters, and flies slowly toward earth. With products suitable for every venue imaginable, Flutter FETTI Confetti always looks spectacular!  People especially LOVE our Hand Flick Confetti Launchers, they're our BEST SELLING CONFETTI PRODUCT and perfect for any occasion!

Traditional confetti is made from hole punch discards from paper companies. It’s basically a manufacturing byproduct, and when it lies on the floor, it looks like refuse. On the other hand, once Flutter FETTI confetti and streamers finally settle down, it adds to a wonderfully festive atmosphere!

To buy our amazing streamers, confetti, launchers and more shop through our Confetti Store.

Our Streamers Are No Ordinary Streamers!

Our metallic Flutter FETTI Streamers shimmer as they sail high, and our Handheld Co2 Confetti Launchers and Remote Confetti Launchers set the celebration off with a bang! We have engineered different streamer products to work with a variety of ceiling heights, so no matter your venue, the effects are terrific!

Flutter FETTI Streamers are designed for easy clean up, whether the streamers are used outdoors or indoors, and these streamers can be customized in all the colors of the rainbow. Our streamers are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, private events, and much more!

Why Use Flutter FETTI for Confetti and Streamers?

First of all, it’s fun! Our customers constantly tell us that the most energetic, lively part of their event is the moment the Flutter FETTI Confetti and Streamers start coursing through the air. There’s no denying that everyone young and old loves getting showered in Flutter FETTI! It lifts spirits, widens smiles, and spreads laughter.  Flutter FETTI Confetti and Streamers are so unique and the visual effects so spectacular that your event will remain in your guests’ memory long after they’ve gone home!

You’ve doubtlessly already seen Flutter FETTI in action. It's been used at theme parks from Universal Studios to Dollywood & Busch Gardens and for major sporting events. You’ve seen us on Broadway, during the concerts of numerous superstars ranging from Paul McCartney to the Jonas Brothers to Taylor Swift, and on TV and the silver screen.   Flutter FETTI is also great for smaller events.  Our products are affordable, and best of all, there’s NO MINIMUM ORDER.

A Company Dedicated to Customers

Our fabulous, patented Confetti and Streamer products wouldn’t mean much without a strong company behind it. Flutter FETTI offers fast shipping, competitive prices, and top-notch customer support. You may be an event planner seeking a wholesale professional partner. Or you may be an individual ordering confetti or streamers for the first time who needs advice on which products to select. Since we’re so proud of our products, we’re glad to take the time to help you.

All of our products are designed to be easy to use and arrive with clear instructions. In addition, we dip our tissue and metallic PVC film in a flame-retardant solution to ensure safety, and satisfaction and on-time delivery is guaranteed.

Contact our Confettiologists, and they will make a recommendation on which of our fabulous products would be perfect for your next event.

Choose Flutter FETTI Confetti and Streamers to add energy and excitement to your next celebration! 

All prices are in USD Copyright 2017 Flutter FETTI Confetti & Streamers.
Note some confetti products are colored with dye that may stain if they come become damp or wet. Please remove wet confetti immediately upon discharge.